Sunday, January 25, 2015

The illusion of Human Rights...

The times have changed. It is starkly staring us in the face. Why, we are even enveloped in it's wanting embrace, but save for a whimper here and there and questioning looks, we are still stuck fast to the norms of old.

We cry out for human rights, but we fail to move our senses in all directions to realise that such inalienable rights must weave, meander and mould their shape according to the provinces of human greed that never fail to alienate the helpless and powerless.

For us, that day in December lauded as a day to commemorate and celebrate human rights is a universal symbol set by the mortal and limited minds of men. We see equal sharing of almost everything as human rights, but that, surely is not so.

Times have changed but have we learned from the movement wrought by the sands of time? We think we have, for we think there should no dunes but a flat surface that we perceive as symbol of equality and fairness. No, we are mere mortals, the winds of time ravage and shape us. There is no stopping that almighty force.


-- LV

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