Saturday, January 31, 2015

The distorted believe, or what they want to believe about the 'real' Bumiputera...

It amuses me when some non-Malays are so inclined to claim that the 'real' Bumiputeras are the Orang Asli.

Yes, agreed. That they are Bumiputeras and are rightly deserving of such a status.

However, please be informed that in the days of old, when the emperor of China sent his emissaries to the Malay Peninsula, who did they 'kowtow' to?

Was it not before the Malay rulers? No, they did not prostrate themselves at the court of the alleged 'true' Bumiputeras. For the nomadic and itinerant lifestyle existed without a proper civilisation that could be understood as a country or state of government.

And so, it was before the Malay rulers that the likes of the Chinese, Indians and even British came to implore for favours and permission to trade or dwell.

Think about it.

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