Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Often times nowadays we hear of groups pushing for the cloistered walls of houses of worship belonging to different religions be torn down and allow worshippers across the religious divide to do their worshipping in the prayer vestibule of other faiths.
Most of these seem to be directed at Islam and mosques, cross dividing at times, with churches.
Besides churches, will temples of certain faiths allow LGBTs in shorts, bikinis , thongs or even nothing on their bodies inside? Pray, answer to this.
Why, even the LGBTs, the atheists and ultra liberals see their conviction as much as as others would look at religion. So, do please allow them in to behave as they please according to their bizzare narcissitic beliefs. Is that not freedom and liberalism?
If the answer is no, BACK-OFF from harping on Islam and Muslims.
- LV

In the name of freedom?

It is aggression through and through in the guise of freedom of expression and pluralism in religion. They relentlessly push through their one size fits all agenda to open up the dominion of Islamic faith, by comparing the ways practiced by other sects, without understanding the myriad rudiments.
They refrain from accepting and converting to Islam, and Islam does not compel them to do so, although they have been callous instances in the name of Islam to apply force in this matter. Verily, that is not Islam - it is terrorism using Islam as veil.
Without giving regards to decorum asnd sensitivity to those who profess the faith, they persist to water down the ordained rules of the Almighty. What for? Clearly, this is questionable and only points to a dark agenda of attrition and destruction, so that they will have their way.
That is what we see before us today...

Bar Council 2015/2016 Election: 23 Candidates File Nomination Papers

Twenty-three candidates have filed nomination papers for election to the Bar Council for the 2015/2016 term, pursuant to section 49 of the Legal Profession Act 1976. The deadline for submission of nomination papers was yesterday, 31 Oct 2014.
2015/2016 Bar Council Elections Candidate : Mohd Khairul Azam Bin Abdul Aziz
Never one to give up easily, Mohd Khairul Azam Bin Abdul Aziz is back in the electoral fray for the 3rd year running. Having established his reputation as a prominent lawyer since 2012, when he alone bravely stood up before the Malaysian Bar EGM at the time to denounce the hypocritical actions of the Bar Council tabling a resolution applauding BERSIH 3.0for its efforts to smear the credibility of the Malaysian electoral system at the time when elections to the Bar Council itself were, and still are, far from transparent, he has since made a name for himself traversing the nation rallying Malaysians of all creeds, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, to defend the Sedition Act 1948 against the Bar Council’s pressure on the Government to repeal the Act.
A loving husband and father of four daughters, Mohd Khairul Azam, or Buzze Azam as he is affectionately known to family and friends, strongly supports upholding the Rule of Law and the Federal Constitution, in particular the fundamentals that make the basic structure thereof namely the position of Islam as the religion of the state, the status of Malays and other indigenous communities, Malay as the national language and the position of the Malay rulers. He believes in that consistency in the application of the Constitution is key to progress, particularly when it comes to matters of law and policy, and more so by the Malaysian Bar, which represents the voice of lawyers throughout the country. He has consistently decried the actions of the Bar Council as currently constituted in ignoring the voice and will of the rakyat when it comes to legal matters of importance and, by the grace of Allah, hopes to be given the opportunity to change this if he is elected to the Council.
Buzze notes that the Bar Council as of late has been rather inconsistent in its stand when it comes to resolutions passed by the Malaysian Bar, preferring to act in accordance with its resolution passed at the EGM on September 19, 2014 when it comes to the Sedition Act 1948 but choosing to keep silent when Dato Seri Gopal Sri Ram acts as counsel to Anwar Ibrahim contrary to the another one of the Malaysian Bar’s resolution passed at its AGM on March 15, 2014. He believes that this is yet another example of the Bar Council’s failure to abide by its own calling to defend justice without fear or favour, and promises to make efforts to reform the Bar in this regard if elected.

Support change. Vote for Buzze Azam for a better Bar.
Proposers : Faithur Rahman Abdul Hadi
                     Aidil Bin Khalid
                     Nurrul Nadia binti Norrizan