Friday, February 28, 2014

Quite some time ago when many quarters of our multi-ethnic and multi-faiths society  were demanding the annihilation of the Internal Security Act, I was asked for my opinion, as I was in the Police.

I cautioned that if not for the Internal Security Act we Malaysians may not be as prosperous and as peaceful,  as we have experienced until of late.

We may not be prosperous as we want to be but surely we all know Malaysians are not starving.

It is because of the ISA that we are as we are. I stated then that if  we cast ISA, away we may end up having ethnic and also inter-faiths clashes.

Forgive me for being blatant. If we are not careful we are coming to that. Salvos of words of hatred being fired from irresponsible and thoughtless and selfish artillery daily. I say stop it. The sea is getting dangerous and if we do not handle the boat properly we may sink.

Malaysians of all races and faiths are lucky. We have the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri after observing fasting for thirty days, and the Aidil Adha for the Muslims, the Deepavali and the Thaipusam for the Hindus, Christmas for the Christians, the New year celebrated by all and the Awal Muharam for the Muslims. We all go our respective prayer houses on those days and without doubt pray for better years to come for peace, prosperity and happiness.

I have never once heard a prayer of hatred in the sermons preceding the prayer. We greeted and visited each other with warm hands and smiles. We made it a point to serve food and drinks that is halal for all; no beef for Hindus, no pork and halal chicken, beef, mutton for Muslims. We joined ritual of Yee San. And the celebration would go for days.

Sadly it is not so this year; the Year of the Horse. Tradition of good wishes was crushed!

Teresa Kok ; the Member of Parliament for Siputeh choose  to do what she claimed to be a satire. Yes a satire of hatred. Must a Democratic Party official and an MP stoop so low as to irresponsibly choose a celebration to present a satire as an “entertainment” and destroy a tradition practiced for generations; no hatred? I am not senile yet. To the best of my memory there was no such satire of hatred when Muslims celebrate.

The sermons and the supplications after the prayer always call for respect and tolerance for each other.There may be call for unity of Muslims against cruelties such as the inhuman treatment of the Palestinians  by the Zionists and the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas in their homeland of Myanmar.

No country in the world is perfect. We have a right to voice our dissatisfaction. However, we must do so within the bounds of propriety. Respect the provisions of the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia chiseled by our forefathers. Let us not forget necessities and respects for each other. Let us save Malaysia by civilities and be mindful of consequences of we utter and do.

We do not want the dark days of 13 May to be repeated. A lot of people said Malaysia has gone to the dog because of 13 May. Is it so? Is it one race that rules the country?

We used to have a good mix. However, some people chose to put a spanner in the wheel of unity. Of all issues that split the nation is the education; the demand by Dong Zong in demanding equal status for Chinese education.

I say without fear or favour that this is the one single  disruptive issue which destroys the hope of unity of Malaysians.; it is the language of lingua franca. Bahasa Indonesia (which is Malay in origin) is the language of unity in that chain of thousands of islands and lingua franca.

In Sabah and Sarawak our brothers and sisters there used the Malay Language to communicate with their neighbouring tribes. I grow up at the border of Malaysia and Thailand. I recalled that there was a Chinese school in Sungai Golok to cater for Chinese in South Thailand and some from Kelantan. Then one day the school was closed and the building was used as rice store by  Thai authorities. And to this day there is no Chinese school in the whole of the Kingdom of Thailand, and there are also no Chinese characters written on business boards or commercial hoardings.

Thais of Chinese ethnicity do not often speak Chinese among themselves. In Southeast Asia, other than Singapore and Malaysia, no Chinese schools are allowed.

In Malaysia, because of the separate schools, most of our children do not mix well. You can see this at the bus stops after school; the groupings. Who is responsible? I say without fear. The Chinese educationist under the selfish and corrupt Dong Zong.

The claims that the Malays are not sharing powers in the administration is not wholly correct. I would invite my non-Malay friends to dig into events after May 13. If the Malays had no intention to share powers in the administration of the country the model improvised; Director of Government (DOG) and the National Security Council (NOC) would have been extended without hesitation.

However, that was not the case. As soon as security was stabilized, Parliament was reconvened and it has not been suspended ever since. This is not being appreciated.

I am no longer privy to all the information and intelligence with regards to our national security. However, I cannot help but try to fathom the pressure and stress in our community. It is not good.

Situation is such that; in my humble appreciation, it is similar to what preceded “Ops Lallang” where quite a number were given accommodation at Kamunting Detention Center.

An action by a lone dissatisfied soldier; Private Adam, almost created panic in the whole country. I was involved. An assessment on the road near Chow Kit Market compelled the Inspector General of Police to direct me to issue a press announcement at about 4 am telling the public what actually happened, and refuting all the rumors that Kuala Lumpur was under curfew. It was not at all true and I urged the public, especially the school children to continue with their daily routine. Let us not march in that direction. God forbid.

By Tan Sri Mohd. Zaman Khan

Friday, February 7, 2014

Teresa, you didn’t mean ‘Mami Jarum’?

Really, Teresa…you actually believe that your video was intended for only  those who speak and understand Cantonese and Mandarin?

Why, then the subtitles? Maybe for those who speak Mandarin and Cantonese, but are visually-challenged? Then, again, what about those who are hearing-impaired. Wanna throw-in sign language, as well?

For sure, the English sub-titles are meant to take your disgusting thoughts further than only within the confines of the parochial lot you claimed.

Your orchestrated audience laughed on cue, for of course, they have been briefed before the final cut that the characters in the limelight were supposed to be representing the personas of Wee Ka Siong, Rosmah, and Yen Yen.

Frankly, no one will laugh if they were nobody, right?

Like, who cares if it is just someone who likes branded handbags, diamond rings, and other dastardly innuendos. You didn’t really mean ‘Mami Jarum’, did you?

Come on, la…a parody or even a comedy such this doesn’t stand on its own for laughs…

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Teresa's idea of a joke? What next? 'Thin Skull' defence?

It all lurks in the detritus of the mind and the heart, when attacks are disguised as jokes and comedy. The same happens when art is used as weapon.

One needs to think in the circumstance...ask the conscience if we truly believe in our defence and excuses?

This is the issue facing Seputeh MP Teresa Kok over the so-called humorous Year of the Horse video, which had gone viral.

Again, this time around it’s denial, claiming that it is nothing more than a joke.

In the Alvivi case, the shameless couple claimed ‘respect’ and humour and in an attempt to make right what they did to Muslims, who were offended by their stupid invite to join in their pork Bak Kut Teh repast during the holy month of Ramadan.

Well, they now have to face the consequences.

Not learning, or unable to ever learn despite being an adult, or worse a political leader who claim to be righteous and having respect for others, Teresa has gone too far.

No, she did not blunder or did it inadvertently.

She did such a polished job of subtly humiliating others with her eyes and mind wide open. No excuse.

Next, will she go for the ‘thin skull’ defence?