Thursday, January 30, 2014

Use the gullible Chinese, ma...

KUALA LUMPUR: Bravo! Bravo! Is it sweet revenge, retribution of sorts, or is about karma?

Pick one, and many a detractor, and even friends among the disparate Pakatan Rakyat fold will find each description useful and appropriate to describe what PKR has done or undone by causing a by-election to be called in Kajang.

Many had thought that Parti Keadilan, which should be holding strong to its namesake, ‘justice’ would carry through it’s holier-than-thou persona. It is not to be, now that it has tripped on its undone shoelace, and that beyond reproach quality is relegated far in the backburner.

What is clearer than ever now, PKR has betrayed its voters. The party has become the weakest link in Pakatan Rakyat.

In the wake of the misstep, PAS is on the warpath, seemingly trying to reedem its ‘maruah’ in that pact with the ‘devilish’ and scheming ways of the stalwarts in PKR.Why, they have been pretty much left out of the equation in Anwar’s political games and shenanigans.

So sleek is his move that even the DAP has been left dumbfounded. Hello, DAP, you awake?

Also, can this pertinent question be answered? Why did a Chinese assemblyman have to resign to make way for Anwar?

Is it because Anwar is only confident of winning in a Chinese area.

Use the gullible Chinese, ma…

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