Thursday, May 30, 2013

Human Rights in Malaysia must square with parameters of Constitution

A few days back Chief Justice Tun Ariffin Zakaria advised judges to ignore the sentiments canvassed on the internet and base their decisions on the law. 

He importantly said there is now a tendency to expand the scope of Human Rights. 
However, judges must remember that the human rights applicable here in Malaysia, must square with their parameters as found in the Federal Constitution.

What this shows is that even learned and trained judges are being affected by the Opposition's incessant slandering.

If no effort is made to counter the lies soon our entire society will slide into anarchy. Only simpletons can believe that one can bring down a government through street protests without repercussions thereafter.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Asal usul 'Candlelight Vigil'

Candlelight Vigil atau ritual menyalakan lilin mempunyai akar, asal-usulnya pada zaman pra-kristian dan era penganut Druids. 

Ia juga mempunyai signifikan spiritual yang dikaitkan dengan istiadat keagamaan Kristian, seperti pada perayaan Krismas.

Bertolak dari platform keagamaan yang mengikut sesetengah kajian, didahului oleh kumpulan Druid itu, 'Candlelight Vigil' sekarang dijadikan amalan untuk menunjukkan sokongan atau protes terhadap isu-isu tertentu.

Di sini dapat dilihat (jika ingin dihalusi) bagaimana amalan bukan Islam mudah diserapkan sebagai amalan yang kononnya berpaksikan kebiasaan, walhal tersirat bahawa ia bukan Islam.

Candlelight Vigil begitu mudah diterima sebagai sesuatu yang tidak memudaratkan akidah apabila anak-anak muda Islam tanpa berfikir panjang terus turut sama mengamalkannya, seperti mana Valentine's day diterima sebagai sesuatu yang 'ok' saja untuk orang Islam.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pakatan actually lost popular votes in nine state, Labuan & Putrajaya...

Blogger 'Outsyedthebox' has this to say:

I knew there was something not right about this "we won the popular vote" crap that is being bandied about by the Pakatan Rakyat. 

Folks, numbers dont lie - so they say.  I was waiting for information like the following table to come out from the Pakatan Rakyat. This table is from Malaysiakini. 

I hope others will also analyse these numbers. This will put a stop to their claims of winning the popular votes.  It is all bullshit. I repeat - it is all bullshit.

More here

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pelantikan Waythamoorthy langkah mulia dan positif

Pelantikkan bekas pemimpin HINDRAF P. Waythamoorthy yang pernah lantang mengecam BN/UMNO sebagai Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri  langkah berhemah dan positif Datuk Seri Najib Razak .

Kita tidak akan lupa bila dia mengadu kepada Britain tentang dilema masyarakat India di Malaysia yang menjadi sedemikian kerana antara lain tindakan penjajah British membawa mereka ke sini untuk dijadikan buruh di estet, dan seterusnya 'dipinggirkan' dalam sistem Malaysia.

Kini dia sudah nampak apa yang sebenarnya berlaku.

Justeru, barisan kabinet baru Najib ini, walaupun tidak sempurna, nyata hebat, dan praktikal.

Ia mencerminkan betapa mulia hati pucuk kepimpinan meletakkan kepentingan rakyat di hadapan.

Najib's wise choice placing Shabery at Communications & Multimedia

Shabery has done good in youth & sports. 

Many see him as faceless, given the mostly apolitical persona of the bulk of gen-Y, but they do feel how much space they have been allotted.

He had spent much of his earlier time touching the hearts and minds of youths at university...hence, youth and sports was, but a natural extension.

And entrusting the communications & multimedia portfolio to him in the new cabinet may just about complete the circle, thus far.

Quite tough for older folks to feel this, I suppose.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mohd Noor hated for true interpretation of the Constitution

If it is not enough for the raucous ranks of Pakatan Rakyat to attack and virtually skin alive former Appeal Court Judge Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah over his overt interpretation of what the sacred democratic document, which is the Federal Constitution has spelled out clearly, diatribes are also coming in a deluge from the badly-beaten MCA.

MCA veteran and former Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Datuk Lim See Cheng today lashed out at Mohd Noor’s postulation about the veracity and validity of vernacular schools in Malaysia.

In a statement, Lim said Mohd Noor should have stood up for social justice and justice associated with his identity of being among the nation’s elite.

Social justice he says? This is it. He is talking about facts that should in the first place be a linchpin for social justice in Malaysia.

Truly, the diatribes, sarcasms and biting remarks directed at Mohd Noor are nothing more than a forceful attempt to shut up a factual and spiritual interpretation of the constitution.

The Malays see this affront on their rightful turf about to be relegated yet again to the back burner – this time in concert with the agenda-ridden cohorts that make up the federal opposition.

No, the Malays must not be made to realise that they have legally valid grounds to usurp a ground that has firmed up over the years due to an interpretation oversight.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anwar was right - there were frauds during GE13

We agree when in an interview Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said there had been lots of cheating during the recent 13th general Election.

Indeed, it was fraud that caused the defeat of Barisan Nasional (BN), including Dr. Puad Zarkashi, Dato 'Ir. Mohd Zin Mohamed, Abdul Ghani Othman, and Ali Rustam.

It was evidently caused by the presence of Chinese voters brought in from Singapore, who voted using the identity cards of dead Malaysians whose death had not been reported and recorded by the authorities.

So, what was voiced by Anwar is true - fraud does exist, but not by the Election Commission (EC), but by the PKR and DAP itself.

Look at how they scream and rant at BN and the EC for perceived frauds, sans concrete proof, but silent about the same perpetrated within the ranks of their bizarre Pakatan Rakyat pact.

Should you need to be further convinced of their proclivity to cheat, just look at the fiasco that was the DAP’s CEC election some time back.

Benar kata Anwar berlaku penipuan dalam PRU Ke-13

Kita amat bersetuju dengan dengan inti pati wawancara bersama Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bahawa terdapat banyak penipuan pada PRU Ke-13 yang baru lalu.

Penipuan tersebut menyebabkan tertewasnya calon-calon Barisan Nasional (BN), termasuk Dr Puad Zarkashi, Dato' Ir. Mohd Zin Mohamed, Abdul Ghani Othman, dan Ali Rustam   ekoran kehadiran pengundi Cina yang didatangkan dari Singapura dan seterusnya mengundi menggunakan kad pengenalan mereka yang sudah meninggal dunia, tetapi tidak didaftarkan kematian.

Jadi, apa yang disuarakan oleh Anwar itu memang ada kebenarannya – sememangnya wujud penipuan, tetapi bukan oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR), sebaliknya oleh pihak PKR dan DAP sendiri.

Renungkan betapa mereka mengharamkan penipuan yang tidak terbukti dilakukan BN, tetapi menghalalkan penipuan untuk keuntungan persekongkolan Pakatan Rakyat.

‘Track Rekod’ untuk menipu sememangnya terserlah seperti mana digambarkan sewaktu pemilihan CEC DAP dahulu.