Monday, April 22, 2013

DAP should clean up before accusing others, says Jenice Lee

Former Teratai state assemblyman, Jenice Lee cited the arrogance and cronyism practised by a handful of top DAP leaders as the reason she was dropped as candidate for 13th General Election.

She said favouritism practiced by some leaders in the party was not in line with the slogan of transparency that the party often shouted about.

"A top party leader had attacked me, hurling accusations that were unfounded, while the others would just follow his line in not wanting to nominate me.

"Is this fair? Is this what their version of transparency and being democratic is all about? How could one person accuse me without showing proof, and the others just agree and go on to substitute me for a ‘parachute candidate just so that my political career is destroyed?” she asked.

Besides Jenice, DAP had also dropped several other popular candidates, including  M. Manoharan, who held the Kota Alam Shah state seat, Ronnie Liu formerly of Pandamaran , and Dr Cheah Wen Yin who held the Damansara Utama state seat

The same fate had also befallen others, including former Seremban parliamentary incumbent John Fernandez, Mengkibol state seat holder Ng Lam Hua and Kota Melaka’s parliamentary seat, Sim Tong Hin.

Janice said the DAP should not criticize the Registrar of Societies (ROS), which it claimed had penalised the party unfairly over the Central Working Committee (CEC) fiasco, when they had the audacity to do this to her without action being taken

"Clean up and correct the system before accusing others of imaginary wrongdoing…in my case, I have been unfairly sentenced, but no one cares, whereas when the ROS acted on them they cried injustice…that’s just hypocritical, “she lamented.

Janice said she would never bend under pressure from party strongman and DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and DAP chairman Karpal Singh, who had insisted that she immediately withdrew as an independent against the DAP candidate.

“Why should I pull out? The people of Teratai needs me…I will never ever turn my back on them, what more when the anointed DAP candidate is the favourite of certain leaders and not the choice of the rakyat,” she said.

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