Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teresa Kok behind the 100 acre land grab from PKNS?

Salleh Samad / Pix courtesy of KLpos

Chairman of the Datum Jelatek Task Force Project (BBDJ) Samad Salleh claimed that Kinrara Assemblyman Teresa Kok Suh Sim had monopolized 100 acres of land belonging to  the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) in Bernam.

"Teresa Kok had asked for this 100 acres of the 10,000 (acres) ‘land bank' in Bernam from PKNS for a Chinese settlement… What I do not understand is why the PKNS Board of Directors allowed it.

"The signboard has been put up…so, together with residents of Jelatek and Taman keramat, we have to protest, lest we lose out, “he said when during the ‘Bicara Rakyat’ forum on the controversial Datum Jelatek project.

Salleh also questioned Teresa’s appointment to the PKNS Board, whereas the corporation was set up to look after Malay interests relating to real estate.

“I am surprised to see the Kinrara Assemblyman, Teresa Kok’s name listed among the Board of Directors.

“I feel it strange that this time they did not question such an appointment, while earlier the appointment of the non-Malay former Chairman was disputed, “ said Salleh.

He said the issue over the general manager’s post was fiercely debated, and ultimately making way for Omar Othman to be appointed.

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