Monday, March 11, 2013

Saiful's father hastily joins PKR, why not PAS?

Mohd Azlan Lazim, the father of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan has declared that he has now joined PKR. His membership form, which was duly filled for the purpose, was handed over to PKR Secretary-General Saifuddin Nasution at the party headquarters in Petaling Jaya today.

As expected, he went to great pains to clarify that his joining PKR was not tied to the sodomy issue involving his son.

"I do not intend to betray my biological child, I am still with him. I also appreciate the fact that Saiful will forever love me.

"We must be professional in this matter. What I do today is to join a political party and has nothing to do with the court case…not related to the case my son is pursuing, "he told Antarapos.

When asked to swear to prove to back up what he said, Azlan said there was no need to do so.
"Throughout the history of Malaysia, there had been too many people swearing to vouch for this and that…so, I will not do it, and I am firm with this statement (March 8). "

Asked why he had made an appeal to the Attorney General relating to his son’s case, he said it was his duty as a father.

“As Saiful’s father, I only could make an appeal…and now that the appeal will be heard in June, I am unable to do anything…” he said.

Lenggong Valley has this to ask about the matter:

  • Why the haste and the need to to join PKR and not PAS, where to a certain extent would have lent  credence to his action.
  • What really caused him to back track on the issue? He has to come clean...'repenting' for what would otherwise be seen as 'coming to his senses' over a fabrication is lame, indeed.
Failure to plausibly answer these questions will forever relegate him to endless doubts...

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