Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm a stupid idiot...

Quite recently we have been disturbed by the stupid and irresponsible action of has been newsreader, radio and TV personality, Patrick Teoh when he touched a raw nerve with his remarks about Islam.

Feeling the heat too much to take, he followed up with an apology, never mind what he said had hurt the Muslims.

And if there is still space left in him, the worse damage he had done was to himself.

Many among the recalcitrant lot see his brazen and insensitive act as an appropriate cue to do something similar.

And so, without hesitation a Chinese chap a couple of days ago raised a rude finger against no other than Her Majesty the Queen at the Penang airport.

What this idiot said when confronted by the security detail is making its round in cyberspace.

Only a complete nincompoop will be immune and remain indifferent to what he had done.

In Thailand, he would readily face the wrath of the law for lese majeste, as well as that of the loyalists, which is about comprising the whole of the Thai people.

This is what the strident call for openness, freedom (to do anything you like) and liberalism has done thus far to the country. We will surely see more of such destructive and uncivilised behaviour in days to come.

The perpetrator may quite innocently plead temporary insanity, duress or what not by claiming that he had just had an argument with a family member, hence not being able to take charge of his faculties at that material time.

No! No excuse. The offence is sure and strict in nature. There should be no escape retribution.

Go on now, you blind legal eagles and half-cooked lawyers within the ranks of the self-righteous lot in the opposition, you can forever claim it is within his human rights for the idiot to utter anything he wishes – and that makes all of you equal idiots, too.

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