Friday, February 8, 2013

A politician, another politician or a responsible politician?

A Spartan-living politician does not necessarily make a good politician, or a responsible and sensitive person, for that matter.So, it goes that when the pandering sectors of the media writes lofty about a certain politician, never mind that his lifestyle and persona starkly radiates of excessiveness and waste, one can only reflect on what the politician is really made of.
For all reasons, such a politician is just another politician – nary the prerequisite responsibilities that will adhere him truly to the hearts and minds of the rakyat.

This observation cuts across the board, regardless of whether the politician is with the government in power or the opposition.

Many a times throughout history, we have witnessed how politicians play to the gallery, picking up populist points whenever they see it useful to cloud the hearts and minds of the electorate.

We have seen how governments fell, how the father figure in an autocratic system is spat upon his coffin upon his demise. How the people hastily but concertedly gathered to demonstrate their anger for the deceptions that they have been put through.

Such is the way we mortals have been made to be, with the only salvation being wisdom and kindness carved by the Almighty upon our conscience – Qualities that we need to work hard to gain through education and heartfelt experience.

Wisdom, kindness and sensitivities do not appear from thin air. It is surely because of this that the rule of life more often than not reminds us of how wisdom is gained through us living through the myriad colours and facets of this mortal life.

And so, upon this premise, here in Malaysia with the pre-election fervour at its all time high, we see politicians unashamedly declaring themselves near god-like perfect and beyond reproach, and that they are the saviour sent to the electorates to put the nation back in good stead – never mind that the country is already glowing in the pink of stead.

I am not saying that all politicians are the same, thence the reason for my saying there being a politician, just another politician, or a responsible politician.
There happens on many an occasion that the person that is the politician is, indeed, a person of commendable character and wisdom. But then again, given the raucous demeanour of the political machinery that attempts to power his propulsion to the zenith of his aspirations, such qualities are often whittled inadvertently with unabashed superlatives and corny lines.

For the person in question, what is there to do but to sit back and grimace at the situation, while wisely his heart says to hold on, as the situation can be remedied when he wins the election. It is, what they always say, “the means always justify the end.”

And, there we have it, a paradox, an irony or whatever you may call it.

For leaders in the likes of DAP’s anointed leader in Penang, Lim Guan Eng, much can be read in his demeanour.

He propelled himself to political stardom (at least that’s what they insists in the ranks of the opposition pact) with heaps of populism, ersatz humility and crass idealism as wisdom.

He has made it to the top, and by god he intends to stay put. Thence is his reasons to fight tooth and nail to fend off the concerted efforts of the Barisan Nasional on what he has declared as his ‘home turf’ (read: others back off now!).

But, in basking in the glory, he forgets that the graph had outlived its peak, and the same reasons that rocketed him to the top are being used, although not necessarily emulated by his rivals and detractors in BN.
It is the way this life always works. You have stumbled, you have erred and you learn. Your errors need not forever relegate you to the backburners. You can redeem your real worth and bounce back with vengeance – and BN is doing just that.

While BN has for the most part learned its lesson through certain omissions or the like, the will to change for the better can be seen through the aggressive rolling out of transformation programmes for the nation and the managing of better human values in its leadership rank.

This is something that cannot be denied even by people like Guan Eng, but what is he to do, but to go along with his spinmeisters to down play all the positive attributes fast encroaching upon his turf, that is Penang.
Like the spin of a football, one can often kick the very same spot one scored at one time, but this time around, one will not necessarily be able to score.

Your times up, Guan Eng…

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