Friday, July 13, 2012

Vernacular schools don’t do anyone any good

It must be pointed out, and pointed out well that in the spirit of building a united Malaysia, based on socially agreed principles, vernacular schools don’t do anyone good.

Thinking away from the conventional mode – the mode expounded on the basis of what was supposedly ‘agreed’ by the nation’s founding fathers, we ought to seriously  look into our schools and its teachers.

We must not go against unity and the noble efforts of building a unity in this country.

Ponder this: If Bangladeshis, Nepali  and Burmese workers labourers here can speak Bahasa Malaysia, why can’t the blinkered and stubborn locals in the likes of the Dong Zong and its myriad stalwarts?


A Voice said...

Very true bro. 1SEKOLAH 1MALAYSIA

Anonymous said...

The philosophy of MIGHT IS RIGHT has showed its ugly head here even more openly these days. People talk about and tolerate anti-social attitudes such as the Ultra Kiasu attitude as though these were harmless. It is all related isnt it, this attitide that Chinese schools are better than national schools? Instead of imploring that all schools or types of schools be ONE type there are voices that unashamedly argue for vernacular schools at the expense of public funds.