Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SD Johari challenges Khalid, Ronnie to act on prostitution racket this Ramadan

“Following the exposé at location and supported by information culled from patrons of reflexology centres, the allegation that such places are in fact nothing more than prostitution dens have become more credible,” said SD Johari after carrying out a week’s observation in the vicinity of Bukit Tinggi recently.

The exposé has since been uploaded to YouTube.

Subsequently, the former PKR Youth Secretary challenged the State Local Government, Study and Research Committee exco Ronnie Liu, who is in charge of local authorities to disprove the allegation.

“I challenge all the local authorities in Selangor to take action. I don’t mean only the Klang Municipal Council, but all the councils in Selangor, because the modus operandi is all too prevalent in the state.

“My series of statements before this have been confirmed by Ronnie Liu, who admitted that there were massage centres running other businesses contrary to what is stipulated in the license approved,” he said.

It must be remembered that when he was Pandamaran assemblyman, Ronnie had, on Nov 3 2007 (when Selangor was under BN) been cited for obstructing enforcement officials from the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) from carrying out its anti-vice operation at a hotel in Bandar Puchong Jaya, Selangor.

The raid and subsequent clampdown on the premises, which was jointly carried out by the police and MPSJ enforcement officers, was supposed to have caught 22 foreign prostitutes, but only 12 men believed to be patrons were detained for questioning. The hotel was evidently not licensed and found to have flouted other laws, too. The people behind the prostitution racket and the hoteliers conniving with them were supposed to have been taken to book.

The late Subang Jaya Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar was said to have issued five warnings to Ronnie within an hour, but he still refused to cooperate. When they police finally entered the premises, they came out empty handed because the prostitutes managed to escape through a hidden passage.

According to SD Johari, based on Ronnie Liu’s background, it was impossible that the Selangor state exco was not aware of the prostitution activities being carried out under the guise of a reflexology centre.

“Ronnie knew the existence of the massage centre, which became a prostitution den, but his excuse was that the existence of massage centres was not the reason for moral degradation.

“As a local government exco, his refusal to act on such activities only points to his working hand-in-glove with prostitution racket in Selangor, and for this he ought to be suitably labelled the ‘Father of Selangor Prostitution Centres.’

“I also believe this is in line with Pakatan Rakyat’s LGBT and Seksualiti Merdeka campaign spearheaded by Anwar Ibrahim,” he said.

SD Johari also challenged Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who is in charge the state religious affairs portfolio, for not taking real action instead of playing around with words.

“I challenge the exco in charge of religious affairs to lead a major operation in conjunction with this auspicious month of Ramadan to rid the state of prostitution activities, which have continued unabated.

“I suspect, if no action is taken by any of the local authorities against the prostitution centres, it would not be wrong for me to say that the councillors are on the take from the prostitution racket,” he said.

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