Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PAS Bloggers lament 'Pay-for-Play' artistes in PAS

“Talks about artistes joining PAS never excite me, whether it is Bob Lokman, Abby Abadi, Aisyah, Hattan or even Ning Baizura,” wrote Blogger cenangau under the heading “Artistes are not mercenary soldiers, but paid RM2, 500 per ceramah?”

Blogger muhaiminsulam has revealed that PAS actually pays selected artistes at the end of each ceramah session. He likens them to mercenary soldiers asking for a price for their work.

“There are even those who make out a list of services for their so-called ‘struggle.’ Yes, they are ignorant of the fact that hard-core PAS members, who never fail to station themselves right in front of the ceramah stage, are the real party stalwart supporters. They willingly empty their pockets in the name of the party’s so-called jihad.

“Such mercenaries are like the demonstrators in Jakarta. Their protests are paid. Their violent actions are paid – all based on a pre-determined list of services offered. But, artistes are not mercenary soldiers, who kill for money,” he wrote.

To him, artistes are artistes. They are not politicians or orators.

“There are some among them who could not care less as to how thick or thin the ‘envelopes’ given to them are. They see their contribution merely for the ‘cause.’ And this is what we call real soldiers.

“But, why would they want to be political orators or panel members, when they are even better at what they are doing as artistes?

“PAS has transformed them into another type of being – they are being ‘reincarnated’ in life to be ersatz politicians?” he asked.

Earlier, blogger orangni revealed how certain artistes had asked RM2,500 as payment before they are willing to step up to the stage.

“What more can be said or interpreted about all this when we see certain artistes going up the ceramah stage fuelled by the power of RM2, 500 per appearance? It is such talk that is blowing hard in PAS now,” he asserted.

The above comments and excerpts reflect the deepening dissatisfaction among pro-PAS bloggers about the phenomenon of artistes joining PAS on a ‘pay-for-play’ basis.

Meanwhile, pro-PKR cartoonist, Zunar who has been the party’s stalwart since 1998 sees the situation where artistes change into the cloak of political orators for Pakatan Rakyat as not giving much value to the opposition.

According to him, it is even worse when artistes who join PR begin to touch on religion and lamenting about their regrets on becoming artistes and sinning.

“What I see now, the artistes are merely giving ceramah,” said Zunar in an interview with The Malaysian Insiderrecently.

But, then again there are times the artistes continue to talk about religion.
According to Zunar, most artistes who joined PR do not understand that they are still artistes, who have been bestowed special talents. He said in the world of arts there is no such thing as retirement.

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