Monday, June 4, 2012

Why did RPK Expose Documents on Azmin?

One question that begs to be answered is why Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), through his Malaysia Today website, exposed the incriminating documents relating to PKR Deputy President, Azmin Ali.

According to blogger GA, it all boils down to his failure to deliver on his financial commitment.

“It looks like Azmin is still UNABLE to settle his debts with RPK…the amount outstanding is still big, and that was why RPK did not hesitate to reveal more about the Deputy PKR President.

“The good relationship between Azmin and RPK is not new. The erstwhile Free Anwar Campaign was headed by RPK, and paid by Kak Wan through Azmin. Throughout those times, everything was punctual when it came to payments. There were times, Azmin used his own money where necessary. It all added up to quite a sizeable amount.

“However, the problems between Azmin and RPK began when the Free Anwar Campaign for the Sodomy II case did not materialize. The working budget was ready – AUD5 million. It was supposed to be managed by RPK through an office in Sydney, and he had even recruited the staff, operating space and other things necessary for the ops,” said GA in the expose under the heading “RPK vs. Azmin 2.0”.

According to the blogger, like in the past, the all-powerful Azmin in PKR now still has much control over the party’s finances. It was with this power that he stopped the ‘financial budget’ meant for RPK, following the court’s decision to absolve Anwar in the Sodomy 2.0 case last January.

“Soon after Anwar was freed, the allocation meant for RPK was retracted by Azmin during the party’s management meeting. Azmin did not want such an amount spent on a coward, who fled from his own country. RPK got hold of the minutes of the meeting, in which Azmin purportedly said, “It is a bloody waste of money to take care of Petra…

“This was the reason ‘many skeletons in Azmin’s cupboard’ will be exposed to the public by RPK.

Although Azmin was all prepared for all this, the question is if Azmin had been someone who was corrupt, what guarantee is there that he would be clean now?

“Corruption is in the DNA of Azmin, Shamsidar and Anwar, so it shall remain as that. If the rakyat still have doubts about all this play-acting, just be assured that they will go on to be among the country’s most corrupt and dictatorial leaders,” he added.

Last May 25, through his article, “MACC’s Deep Throat comes out of the closet”, RPK showed documented proof of how corrupted the Deputy PKR President was when he was still in government service in 1995.

During that time, Azmin, the ‘blue-eyed boy’ was the private secretary to the then Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The documents contain reports of Azmin’s corruption, which had been classified as ‘no further action’ under Anwar’s orders.

It was alleged that Anwar had directed his crony, the Director-General of BPR (Anti-Corruption Agency), Datuk Shafee Yahaya to stop investigating Azmin.

Among the documents, was one that mentioned Azmin receiving a monthly allowance of RM15,000 from Berjaya Group’s Tan Sri Vincent Tan.

The document also mentioned a house, shares, and a car totaling no less than RM1.5 million, as well as RM10 million in cash, of which the cheque was made out through his wife, Shamsidar Taharin.

At that time Shamsidar was widely alleged to have been Anwar’s ‘kept woman.’

The assets owned by Azmin at that time was evidently not commensurate with his RM2, 400 a month salary, and combined with his wife’s salary, it was still meager at RM4,500 a month.

The assets included a BMW325i, a Proton Wira 1.6 Xli, Proton Satria 1.6 Xli, Proton Perdana 2.0 SE, 1,000 lot of HICOM shares, and an 8,500 psf at No. 23, Jalan 1/4D, Bukit Mas, Taman Melawati valued at RM210,000.

Investigations showed Azmin in possession of a two-storey bungalow in Setapak worth RM284,118, with a deposit of RM14, 181 paid and a monthly installment of RM3, 376.75.

The anti-corruption officer had also questioned the directive to stop all investigations, in spite of there being real evidence that could directly implicate Azmin with several offences.

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