Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ambiga sees Yahoo! a platform to 'martyr' herself

The most visible figure behind the last Bersih outing, which culminated in shocking violence on both the police, journalists and even the protestors themselves today said she was willing to go to jail for ‘free elections.’

Many expected that to materialise.

It is a strategy common among political agitators – to use human rights as platform and pander to the sympathy of the gullible public.

And with memories of Myanmar’s Aung San Su Kyii’s protracted house arrest still fresh in many a mind, what better time for Ambiga to showcase her ‘heroine for freedom’ façade.

But, her statement indicating that she was willing to be jailed if Putrajaya would commit to cleaning up the election process before the next General Election is baffling.

If the government has anything to clean up, why then should Ambiga offer herself to be jailed?

What is the motive? What is the purpose? What is it for?

From this, the more enlightened among political observers will be able to see how she has taken the opportunity offered by Yahoo! in its chat session Thursday to pander to the whole world and remind them that she is still the much-maligned female freedom fighter that must be sympathised at all cost.

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