Sunday, May 6, 2012

PKR admits 'saboteurs' out to bring down Azmin

Despite Azmin Ali’s warning that he would sue Utusan Malaysia in an attempt to silence anyone from bringing up the alleged sex scandal, which purportedly implicated him, many observers say it would only invite negative reaction upon the beleaguered PKR Deputy President.

They say it’s because Azmin’s reaction seems to be too hasty in wanting to stop speculations that are raging like wild fire. It is even worse since he has yet to come up with some acceptable proof that he was not involved in the scandal.

According to former PKR Youth Wing Secretary, SD Johari Mohd Yassin, his refusal to lodge a police report is seen as an attempt to hide something.

Even worse, when a group of Azmin’s supporters called for a special media conference to hit out at Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, whom they said refused to enter the fray over the issue.

“I consider the ‘no comment’ remark he made when asked by reporters about the matter is very disappointing…because we are giving space to the negative perception on the part of the public towards Azmin…we worry that he may be hurt.

“As a leader and Menteri Besar appointed by the party, Tan Sri Khalid cannot give such an answer…it is as though he did not wish to be involved. In this issue we have to be more careful and stay together as a team, “said PKR Women’s Wing Chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin during a media conference at the PKR headquarters recently.

Zuraida criticised Khalid because he refused to be drawn into the issue.

Last May 2, FMT reported that Khalid only gave a ‘no comment’ reaction and smiled when asked about the matter by reporters after the weekly EXCO meeting at the State Secretariat building in Shah Alam.

What he uttered had, instead unleashed an even more ferocious hail of speculations and theories.

His smile when saying that to the reporters was followed by small laughter from several EXCO members.

So, it was not only Khalid’s comment that had sparked-off more speculations, but also the action by Zuraidah and the Azmin Ali supporters club in attacking the Selangor Menteri Besar.

Now, why wouldn’t Khalid want to come to Azmin’s defence? And why did Azmin’s supporters criticised Khalid? Why would Azmin’s supporters want to do that and at the same time hit out at Khalid? Why is Azmin so quiet, and only allow his supporters to speak out?

These are the questions that brought forth even more damning speculations.

The website said, “from information procured by the writer, there is a great possibility that the culprit behind the making of the video is from the office of Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

“There is a simple basis to that allegation. It is generally known that even if Pakatan Rakyat retains power in Selangor after the government’s mandate ends next year, Tan Sri Khalid will not be reappointed to the post.

“Instead, Azmin as the chairman of Selangor PKR will take up the post,” said the writer in a piece titled, “Selangor MB’s office behind Azmin’s Sex Video?”

The blog, ‘ipohmalay’, on the other hand, was taken aback by a suggestion from pro PKR website, that the man in the video was Azmin Ali, but put the blame on ‘saboteurs’ out to do him in.

The website, under an article titled “Keadilan Declares War!: Support for Azmin Has Peaked” said that :

All Keadilan MPs and ADUNs have come out in full support for Azmin Ali…Selangor Keadilan MPN(State Leadership Council) has come out with a firm statement in support for Azmin Ali…For the turncoats: Please finish off your tasks before you are booted out…we are ready to make strategic moves to expel all saboteurs.

Upon closer scrutiny, what the above statement poses many more questions.

“Was it Azmin Ali in the video…and who is the ‘saboteur’ still working and allowed to finish such tasks?” askedipohmalay.

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