Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Breaking of a Mother's Heart

 “I have been quiet all these while…he (Azmin) never came to see since August 20, 2011 during Hari Raya on 1st Syawal…since that time, he had never visited me, called to ask about my health or just pay a visit,” said Azmin Ali’s 78 year-old mother, Che Tom Yahya.

Mak Tom then went on to talk about the morning of 1st Syawal last year.

“When he came that Syawal morning…Ummi Hafilda was at home…he rushed in and scolded me…he hurled accusations at Ummi…so, I had to intervene…

“When I answered to his accusations, he (Azmin) asked why I always supported her (Ummi)…I said, Min, this is an auspicious day in an auspicious month…it would be better for us to forgive and forget…she is your flesh and blood…

“Then he said…that is not my flesh and blood…to which I asked, who then is your flesh and blood, Min?...he said Anwar Ibrahim,” she said in an interview with the media at her house in Gombak .

According to Che Tom, since that incident, Azmin did not come to the house, never gave her anything and never showed his face even when she was hospitalised.

“How is he in Keadilan? Where is the ‘keadilan’ (justice)…he would rather look after other people than his own mother – the woman who carried him…that’s how broken and hurt I am,” she said between sobs.

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