Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Opposition’s back-to-the-street culture, again

Like a spoilt child, throwing tantrums is not enough when mom just ignores him, so he throws himself on the sidewalk for a spectacle.

This is the behaviour Malaysians see as so predictable of the opposition and their NGO cohorts.

This time, again, it’s the BERSIH circus on the streets of Kuala Lumpur on April 28.

And being the sponge minded and parrot-like persona that they are, the theme now is ‘Duduk dan Bantah’ (Sit and Protest) – an updated version of the infamous 60s sit-ins and the current trend for disobedience, aptly called ‘Occupy.’

If they expect a hail of diatribes for doing something ‘illegal’, no, they won’t see it, as the good Prime Minister has given them a near carte blanche to do so in the name of freedom of expression and assembly.

The only detestation coming their way is concern for the careless inculcation of such a culture in our society.

Think, and think rationally.

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