Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Edge bares its sneaky agenda

We are so used to reading scathing and often one-sided reports from the likes of The Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today, to come to the conclusion that these are partisan media – partisan to the detractors of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

However, it looks like these are not the only ones encamped on the supposedly-hallowed and sacred grounds of the Fourth Estate. Latest developments have it even the niche publication, The Edge, has come on board the bandwagon.

At least that was what Bujai and his blog, ‘Just-Read-Whatever’ has pointed out.

According to Bujai, it’s the work of the Anwarites again, and this time around they are bent on putting a distance between UMNO and MCA, using the Transport Ministry as a sledgehammer.

Seems that the pro-opposition media have become experts at sniffing out the familial nerve centres within BN. Upon being fed by their network of foot soldiers of no less than 300 committed and fulltime bloggers and other social media guerrillas, they will concertedly home in on the targets like hungry piranhas.

The Edge claimed that the MCA will have to relinquish the traditionally-held portfolio and give way to UMNO if BN wins the coming elections. Their rationale for doing so is founded on the presumption that top UMNO businessmen have been pushing Najib to take a good look at the ‘serious money’ involved for projects under the Transport Ministry.

It’s about money, then. Lots of it and it is no wonder that The Edge as the media bastion of the business movers and shakers in the region had decided to have the issue within its crosshairs.

Now, how did it come to such a ridiculous conclusion (ridiculous because it is really not true)?

Like Bujai said, it all came from some ‘reliable’, unidentified and, of course, non-existing source.

It is just a ploy to hype up the issue and get the gullible folks on both sides of the political divide to salivate or foam at the mouth.

Get into the details at Bujai’s blog here.

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