Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anwar's 'disgust' with the Islamic Seminar in Johor

As a former president of ABIM who at one time said ‘Islam is the way of life’, it is unthinkable for him to be disgusted with a seminar that is aimed at protecting the ‘akidah’ (faith conviction) of Muslims in Johor, unless that word is used as a provocation for some other motives.

As reported by The Malaysian Insider on March 28, Anwar used the Pakatan Rakyat platform to sound-off and berate the seminar for what he saw as a ‘disgusting political manoeuvre’.

Expounding his views when asked during a media conference held at parliament, he said such a programme was dangerous and would cause undue inter-religious strains in the country.

“What I can confirm is that this is nothing other than a disgusting political manoeuvre to use religion to frighten the people,” Anwar claimed.

Organised by the Johor Education Department and the Johor Mufti Department, the seminar themed “Pemantapan Aqidah, Bahaya Liberalisme dan Pluralism Serta Ancaman Kristianisasi Terhadap Umat Islam. Apa Peranan Guru?” (Strengthening the Faith, the Dangers of Liberalism and Pluralism and the Threat of Christianity towards Muslims. What is the Role of Teachers?) required the attendance of two religious teachers from each of the 55 national schools across Johor.

Anwar liked his statement so much that he republished the version carried by Malaysiakini, under the heading “Anwar: Christian Threat is UMNO propaganda” on his official website, anwaribrahimblog.

The article, which also carried a recording of his speech by TV PAS showed how PAS agreed with him and how staunch pro-Anwar stalwart, Husam Musa was given an opportunity to justify Anwar’s ‘disgusting’ remark.

This could be another PAS tactic, silently conniving.

At the same time, by republishing the statement in, DAP, which was represented by its ‘de facto’ leader Lim Kit Siang, it shows that the party is in agreement with Anwar.

Therefore, going by the endorsements by its allies, Anwar’s ‘disgusting’ statement on the Islamic seminar in Johor is the official line of Pakatan Rakyat.

Organisations, including NGO MUAFAKAT and PEMBELA strongly condemn the labelling of the knowledge programme as “a disgusting political manoeuvre to use religion to frighten the people” as irresponsible, a humiliation to Islam and a blatant attempt to undermine an effort to strengthen the faith of Muslims in this country.

Both the Muslim NGOs agreed that what Anwar had said was deliberate to gain cheap publicity from the enemies of Islam as well as to provoke them.

Hence, what the de facto PKR leader said had thrown the doors wide open for the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) to stridently criticise the programme.

As reported by FMT, Chairman of CFM, Bishop Ng Moon Hing said not only must the term ‘Christianisation’ be dropped, but also the whole structure of the programme changed to reflect the premise that the Christians are not a threat in this country.

It looks like Anwar had a hidden agenda when his statement was swiftly supported by the biggest Christian body in Malaysia.

On March 25 2006, a Malay pastor who had changed his name to Benjamin Stephen remarked that in Johor alone, more than 10,000 Malays had turned apostates.

The Kelantanese man, whose Muslim name was Mohd Badrol Nizam Mohd Redzo, made the confession when giving a ceramah at a church in Kuching, Sarawak.

He clearly said that 10,000 Malays in Johor had successfully been proselytised. Could it be that the Malay pastor had lied with the figure when he spoke in a church?

If he had made up the numbers, what then was his motive? Was it the same with Anwar’s motive in deliberately saying that the programme to save the ‘akidah’ of Muslims in Johor as ‘disgusting?’

Perhaps, not the same because Anwar is a politician, while Stephen on the other hand was a pastor. However, there could be a possibility that there are similarities in other aspects.

Maybe PAS, which is being branded as ‘Anwar’s Malay-Islam wing’ can seek clarification from the church, given that as per Husam Musa’s admission, PAS had begun to cosy-up to the church.

The bone of contention here is why Anwar as a former ABIM president stridently said the Islamic programme was ‘disgusting.’ Many say it is because at the end of it all PAS will endeavour to draw the support of Malay voters, who may ultimately gravitate to his cause.

Anwar knows that he is losing support from the Malay-Muslim fence sitters. Therefore, under such circumstances, why would he want to appease them? Calling the Islamic seminar ‘disgusting’ was the best option to attract total support from non-Muslim voters, in particular the Christians.

Why the Malay-Muslim voters? That is not Anwar’s task to do; it is the responsibility of PAS, as a component of Pakatan Rakyat, whose de facto leader is the man himself.

This tactic is similar as the one used before the 12th General Election, where Anwar purposely portrayed himself as a supporter of HINDRAF.

After the election, when total support was given by a large swath of the Indian community, only then they realised that the pro-HINDRAF stance shown by Anwar was nothing more than a act and a provocation to undermine racial and religious unity in this country.

But, this time will the same devious tactics – that of calling a Muslim programme in Johor ‘disgusting’ produce the same result?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nalla hits back: Anything but tennis...

And so, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has filed a RM100mil suit against Senator Datuk S. Nallakarupan, Utusan Melayu (M) Sdn Bhd for linking him with bisexual activities.

It was an act that was to somehow open a deluge of more stories about Anwar’s alleged sexual improprieties. There seems to be no end to this.

It is a wild gamut of stories, sacred, profane, wild and most bizarre, which the de facto PKR leader’s detractors in cyberspace are bent on attributing to him.

Not few bloggers now claim that Anwar’s suit had brought cynical smiles to Nalla’s face.

They say it now gives him even more reason to bare everything about his former tennis partner’s love for anything but tennis.

The allegation that is making rounds within and beyond the borders of the Internet concerns the alleged involvement of Azmin Ali’s wife, Shamsidar Taharin in yet another escapade with Anwar.

First, they claimed it was Azizan, then Sukma and another, then came Saiful, and now, the wife of his sidekick, no less.

Let’s just see how the fireworks go this time around.

It is not something new, however, as such allegations have been made since years ago. It is just that this time, Anwar’s detractors are revisiting the issue and placing the final brick in the wall.

Besides the accusers, no one seems to readily believe such bizarre proposition, but it will surely comes as yet another baggage to weigh down Anwar’s already heavy position.

Things have become so contentious that one wonders how a political figure with so much lofty ambitions can afford to be burdened by such unnecessary problems.

Who's paranoid here?

The Muslims have for ages been told and reminded to always defend the ‘aqidah.’

It is something beholden to the protectors of the faith, which at the apex comprises of the ulama and religious authorities.

As such, most Friday ‘khutbah’ (sermons), would invariably, be laced with such reminders, the purpose of which is to maintain the affirmation of the faith in a person.

Anything wrong with that? It is meant for Muslims, spread and propagated within their dominion of faith.

Hence, why must the people of other religion be paranoid and feel threatened?

The paranoia is evident when Chrisanne Chin of Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) Youth Moderator told The Malaysian Insider yesterday of what she felt as a ‘clear and present danger’ perpetrated by the Johor Education Department.

Bundling 1Malaysia with such a perceived ‘scare’ is not right on the part of Chin.

The reaction followed a directive to religious teachers from national schools in Johor to attend an officially-sanctioned seminar this Saturday with the theme “Pemantapan Aqidah, Bahaya Liberalisme dan Pluralism Serta Ancaman Kristianisasi Terhadap Umat Islam. Apa Peranan Guru?” (Strengthening the Faith, the Dangers of Liberalism and Pluralism and the Threat of Christianity towards Muslims.

The ‘threat’ perceived by Chin is solely in her mind, because if we venture too far into the territories of others we may feel threatened by their views, no matter how harmless.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

...Or Never Mind the 'Bollocks', its Putrajaya we want!

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim seemingly dared Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to take back Selangor for Barisan Nasional (BN).

His pouring cold water over Najib’s mission to win back Selangor was greeted with thunderous cheers of approval from the estimated 5,000 people who turned up to listen to his caustic tirade against the BN government last night.

“Najib says he wants to take over Selangor... what are you talking about? He wants to come and take Selangor? We want to take over Putrajaya!” Anwar boasted to the gawking crowd at the Kuala Selangor Stadium.

It was akin to prelude to a war, and indeed it was so when the de facto PKR leader told his supporters that the time had come to “launch a war.”

According to Anwar, Najib could not win back Selangor because of what he accused as the nurturing of a culture of cronyism and corruption within the BN line-up of leaders.

As comparison, Anwar unabashedly talked of PR leaders in Selangor, whom he said were clean, not dirty, and that their leaders were not plunderers – and going by the raucous cheers to that claim, the crowd believed it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hasan Ali: Mengapa perlu mengalah dalam mempertahankan Islam?

Walau pun diasak dengan dahsyat oleh bekas sekutunya dalam PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat (PR), bekas exco kerajaan negeri Selangor, Datuk Dr Mohamed Hasan Ali tidak akan menyerah.

Mengapa harus menyerah jika benar-benar apa yang diperjuangkan ialah kedaulatan Islam dan maruah orang Melayu?

Beliau semakin mendapat sokongan daripada orang Melayu dan Islam, terutama di sebelah pantai timur semenanjung apabila ribuan orang hadir dalam siri ceramah pencerahan pendiriannya berhubung isu di Selangor.

Agak memeranjatkan kerana berbeza daripada apa yang dilukiskan oleh musuhnya kini di Selangor dan PAS, kerana keikhlasan dan kesungguhan mempertahankan Islam, mereka yang waras berfikir mudah memberi sokongan moral.

Hari ini Dr Hasan mula menyerang balas.

Beliau berkata akan mendedahkan bukti tentang usaha memurtadkan umat Islam di Selangor pada Isnin akan datang di rumahnya di pinggiran Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Beliau enggan memberi butiran lanjut, tetapi sebelum ini pernah mengatakan video yang bakal didedah memaparkan mereka yang pernah murtad dan mengikuti upacara kristianisasi.

Tindakan Dr Hasan kali ini berikutan tuduhan Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim kononnya beliau sengaja cuba mencetuskan kekacauan dan keraguan di kalangan rakyat.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This is far as it goes for non-Muslims in PAS, ouch!

For the aspiring and ambitious who thinks the sky’s the limit for them in PAS, what party president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang said Saturday should be a warning.

He strongly rejected the proposal that non-Muslim leaders could one day hold the post of PAS deputy president because it is against the party’s constitution.

The idea was suggested last month by Kuala Selangor MP, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

Hadi’s rationale: “The non-Muslims can be ministers, but not hold positions in the party (PAS)…in communist countries, will they appoint a non-communist as their president?”

To further illustrate his point, Hadi pointed to the U.S. under the Republicans, where the president would be a Republican, the secretary of state a republican, and so on.

He even said that UMNO, too, would do the same whenever the party wins the elections.

However, he stressed those non-Muslims in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) component parties could hold ministerial posts should PR succeed in taking over Putrajaya in the coming 13th General Election.

Despite the top leadership in PAS claiming that the issue has been put to rest, the reiteration by Hadi comes as an indication that it is not so.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jangan berjudi dengan kemungkinan di Perak

Memang baik diulangi ketegasan mengenai sesuatu, tetapi jika apa yang disuarakan tidak jelas mesejnya, boleh menimbulkan persepsi negatif.

Inilah yang dilihat pada kenyataan terbaru Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Beliau memberi amaran kepada calon-calon Barisan Nasional (BN) bahawa mereka akan digugurkan jika didapati prestasi merosot.

Menurut Zambry, walaupun senarai nama-nama berpotensi sudah siap, namun sesiapa saja boleh dikecualikan berdasarkan prestasi masing-masing.

Kata beliau, penilaian berhubung perkara ini diguna pakai bagi kedua-kedua wakil rakyat sedia ada dan calon-calon baru, tanpa diberikan keistimewaan kepada mana-mana pihak.

Apa yang diulangi Zambry memang patut, tetapi timbul keraguan maksud beliau, kerana sejak kebelakangan ini kenyataan beliau seolah-olah tidak mantap.

Ramai masih ingat pada tahun lepas beliau juga memberi amaran yang sama, bahawa mereka yang tidak berprestasi akan digugurkan dan muka-muka baru yang lebih dinamik dipilih.

Kemudian kita mendengar pula beliau menyatakan ada calon-calon BN di Perak mungkin dikekalkan walaupun hampir kalah pada PRU lepas.
Inilah yang menimbulkan tanda tanya di kalangan ramai pemerhati.

Elok juga Zambry perjelaskan perkara ini, kerana jika ditafsirkan kefahaman ramai, hanya yang berpotensi akan dipilih. Oleh demikian, mereka yang hampir kecundang sepatutnya tidak dipilih.

Jangan terus berjudi dengan kemungkinan di Perak.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A league apart: Khalid Samad vs Hasan Ali

These photos tell it all. The ceramah by Member of Parliament for Shah Alam, Khalid Samad and the one held by Datuk Dr Hasan Ali recently spoke volumes of how folks saw both of them.

Khalid's ceramah - dismal turnout

On March 20, Khalid along with Kelantan State Assembly Speaker, Datuk Nasaruddin Daud had their ceramah at Taman Batu 3, Shah Alam, and it turned out to be a disaster when only less than 50 people turned up.

Meanwhile, on the same date, the ceramah given by Dr Hasan at Taman Alam Megah Shah Alam saw an overwhelming turnout in the thousands.

The turnout at Dr Hasan's ceramah...spilled to the street

The difference was so obvious, and it could be seen as a gauge as to who has the bigger following and support.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Et tu, Brute?...dan gugurlah Karpal...'

Seperti dijangka, dan seperti sikap dan kerakusan manusia yang tidak mengenang budi dan jasa, rakan-rakan dari dalam persekongkolan pembangkang sendiri kini menghunus pisau mengancam Karpal Singh.

Zaman beliau sudah berlalu, dan landskap dalam DAP pun telah berubah, lantaran kritikan beliau terhadap tindakan ‘jinak’ jawatankuasa disiplin DAP ke atas seterusnya, P. Ramasamy tidak membuahkan apa-apa.

Sebaliknya, Karpal sendiri yang kini semakin terperosok di penjuru dengan bayangan ancaman pisau-pisau kawan-jadi-lawan semakin hampir.

Paling lantang serangan dan asakan terhadap Karpal datang dari masyarakat India sendiri.

Mereka yang dikatakan marah mendesak supaya pengerusi kebangsaan DAP itu berundur kerana kini hanya menjadi beban kepada parti.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's behind Anwar's J1 U.S. Visa?

The revelation about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s U.S. work visa, in particular, the ‘J1’ status and privileges enjoyed by the bearer, has brought about a controversy.

The work visa was issued to Anwar on August 19, 2005, and expired on June 30, 2006.

According to U.S. requirements and regulations, each holder of the J1 visa status is allowed to work two years in the country. This, invariably, means that when the permit expired in June 2006, Anwar would be allowed to renew and extend it for another year, hence, pushing the date of expiry to sometime mid or end 2007.

The visa showed four stamps, August 22, 2005, September 10, 2005, October 11, 2005 and October 17 2005, respectively.

It is interesting to note that at the time of Anwar’s sojourn under the work visa in the U.S., the world view of the Americans as regards people of Muslim identity was negative.

It was all because of the ‘bogeyman’ created by the Bush administration, which accused ‘Islamic terrorists’ as the ‘terrorists’ who blew up the World Trade Center (WTC) and attacked The Pentagon on September 11 2001 (9/11).

Also, ‘sans’ proof, Anwar shared similar sentiments and corroborated with the allegation by the Bush administration that Mohamed Atta and Osama bin Laden were responsible for it.

In the same vein, Anwar brazenly accused Saddam Hussein as dictator to justify Zionist former U.S. Defence Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz’s destruction of the Islamic nation of Iraq.

Paul Wolfowitz 9/11

After 9/11, Adama Bah, a 23 year old African studying in the U.S. told of his experience as a Muslim in America.

“At that time, we covered our faces. I couldn't believe the looks. Everybody was scared, pointing. We got extra screenings, our bags were checked, and we got pulled to the side. I've never had racism directed toward me before,” she said.

“Airport officials are reportedly required to stop anyone with a "Muslim name" and name-check that individual against the list,” reports

“The government arrested more than 1,200 people in the months after 9/11, but refused to release their names or their place of detention. Some were barred from contacting their lawyers.

“The immigration hearings in at least 611 cases (classified as "special interest" cases) were closed to the public and the press. Secret evidence, withheld from the defendants and their attorneys, was introduced in some cases,” reports

“…FBI interviewed more than 8,000 non-immigrants from specified countries with a suspected al Qaeda presence. Those interviews were extended to over 10,000 Iraqis and Iraqi-Americans.”

Yusuf al-Qaradawi Blacklisted

The renowned Egyptian cleric Syeikh Dr Yusuf al-Qardawi was blacklisted from entering the US and the UK on the mere allegation of supporting the attack on U.S. troops and suicide bombers.

According to, for holding on to his constitutional freedom and rights in supporting the death penalty for homosexuals, he was refused entry to Britain, after a Conservative campaign to prevent him getting a visa.

For defending his views on suicide attacks on Israeli civilians, Qaradawi was banned from entering the United States, and refused entry into the UK for medical treatment.

He was not a terrorist, and like any other U.S. or British citizens, he had a right to his views so long as he did not commit a crime.

The British Home Office said the cleric was refused entry because of fears his views "could foster inter-community violence".

At the very top of the victimisation food-chain, there was British Prime Minister David Cameron, who idiotically described Qaradawi - a Qatar-based scholar with a large following across the Muslim world - as "dangerous and divisive" and demanded he be banned from Britain.

A similar view was shared by when it reported that Ireland also issued such a caveat on Qaradawi.

According to Wikipedia’s ‘List of people banned from entering the United Kingdom’, besides Qaradawi, India’s top Islamic cleric Zakir Naik was also blacklisted.

Meanwhile, listed names of top Syrian Muslim personalities who were barred from entering the U.S.

Amidst such Islam phobia practised by the U.S., UK and their allies, which saw the screws being tightened on Muslim students and clerics, uncannily Anwar’s name was excluded. He was free and is still free to come and go in the U.S. without hindrance.

Instead, according to Azmin Ali, Anwar was greeted by U.S. officials upon arriving at Washington’s Dulles Airport.

Turned to spy on Yusuf al-Qaradawi

It came as quiet a shock when Anwar was assigned by Washington to spy on Qaradawi for almost five hours at the latter’s residence in Qatar.

It happened in 2005, at a time when most of the Islamic world hated the U.S.

Anwar’s role as a spy was revealed by no other than his right-hand man, Azmin Ali to

AGENDADAILY: How did people see Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s real motives? For example, those who were sceptical about his close relationship with former Deputy U.S. Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz who is tipped to be the CEO of the World Bank?

AZMIN: “Its up to their personal interpretation and views…what is important is for us to convince them…this way much can be solved.

“DSAI did not meet up with the desperate groups; instead he met with renowned clerics.

“For example, he was in Qatar where he spent five hours discussing with Dr Yusof al-Qaradawi.

“Yes, Wolfowitz is seen as someone arrogant and hard…I cannot deny that. DSAI, too, agrees, but at least he was prepared to be open and sit down for discussions with DSAI.

“For example…Washington DC blacklisted Dr Yusof al-Qaradawi…a renowned cleric accepted by a majority of Muslims.

“The reason Washington blacklisted him was because he was alleged to have made statements making it lawful to kill U.S. citizens.

“However, during the five hours with Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi, DSAI asked the cleric whether it was true that he said issued such a statement…Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi vehemently denied it.

“Anwar used the opportunity with Wolfowitz…and I, too, at the meeting to explain that what was said by the cleric was not true.

“DSAI asked Washington to correct this perception. So, the thing is without the dialogue with Wolfowitz, could this problem have been solved...they are powerful, and this is DSAI’s role.

That was Azmin Ali’s answer to the question about Anwar’s role in the U.S. and its links to the Zionist architect of war, Paul Wolfowitz.

Although Azmin had claimed that he had ‘cleared’ Qaradawi’s name in Washington, nevertheless it did not cause the cleric’s name to be taken off the U.S. blacklist.

And although Azmin had tried to portray Anwar as ‘the defender of the Islamic world’ when talking to his Malaysian audience, not even one of Anwar’s suggestions for the good of the Islamic world was taken up and used by Wolfowitz.

Looking at the other evidence, it goes on to proof that what he told the people of Malaysia was not the same as what he did in the U.S.

So, in the end it only makes it obvious that Anwar is among Muslims who are accomplices in the effort to strengthening U.S. and Israeli control of the Islamic world.

Special treatment for Anwar

Again, Anwar’s sidekick, Azmin Ali has revealed to us how Anwar was accorded special treatment when visiting the U.S.

At first, Azmin uttered such things to show how great Anwar was, but evidently now it has all backfired and only showed the Zionist stooge that he is.

Pro Anwar blog, published Azmin’s media statement on March 3 2005;

“Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim arrived in Washington DC late night Wednesday, February 23 2005. Anwar and his entourage, who arrived from London at Washington’s Dulles Airport, were welcomed by U.S. officials headed by Edward J. Bolton, a Deputy Director in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“Anwar left for New York on Monday February 28 for talks with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan at the UN Headquarters. Also in the group were YB Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail, Azmin Ali and Michael Moller.”

Such was the lofty description given by Azmin to Anwar – one that would have been more appropriate for a Prime Minister or Foreign Minister, instead of an ‘ex-convict’ from the Sungai Buloh Prison.

In subsequent media releases, Azmin described how Anwar was given ‘special treatment’ when he was feted at a dinner, luncheon and during a meeting with American Jewish leaders.

In Washington DC on February 24, 2005, a special lunch event was accorded to Anwar by World Bank President, Jim Wolfensohn at his office.

Also present was YB Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail, and Wolfensohn’s wife, Elaine.

Anwar was briefed on the dismal state of the world economy, in particular Southeast Asia and on programmes organised by World Bank to rebuild countries affected by the Tsunami.

Later in the evening, Anwar had an audience with President Bush’s advisor and Director of the U.S. National Security Council, Elliot Abrams at the White House.

During the 45 minutes meeting, Elliot exchanged views with Anwar on ways to bring about ‘world peace.’

Deputy U.S. Secretary of State, Robert Zoellick also met up with Anwar at his hotel in Washington DC on February 24.

Zoellick, who was newly appointed as the Deputy Secretary of State was at the time responsible for political developments in the Middle East.

In the meeting, Zoellick elicited from Anwar the latter’s views on tension between Islam and the West, especially the U.S.

Anwar began by explaining and expressing his gratitude to the U.S. govt for being was so concerned about the things that had befallen him earlier.

In reflecting the problems of international politics, in particular issues that relate to Muslims, Anwar stressed the need for moderation, not just on the part of Muslims but also the administration in Washington DC.

According to Anwar, Muslims were uncomfortable the way they were being perceived – a view that created the notion that Islam was not accorded justice.

However, at the same time Anwar insisted he still demanded the withdrawal of foreign troops from the countries affected, such as Syrian troops in Lebanon, Israeli troops in Palestine and U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Zoellick stressed that unlike how the public saw it, the U.S. administration still held on to the principles of freedom, and would still sponsor dialogue between Islam and the West.

Upon his return from Jacksonville on February 27, Anwar revisited Washington DC to have a discussion with former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.

When in office, Madeleine Albright had consistently criticised Malaysia’s laws, which she accused of being unfair, and that Anwar was a political detainee.

Now, as Chairperson of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), she willingly cooperates to push for the Islam-US dialogue.

Azmin also reported on the meeting between Anwar and Wolfowitz at the Pentagon. It happened when Wolfowitz was still the U.S. Deputy Defence Secretary, a.k.a the Zionist architect of the Iraq war.

Anwar’s meeting with Wolfowitz at the Pentagon was on February 24, 2005.

The hour-long discussion focused on developments related to post-election Iraq, the conflict between Islam and the West, and the programme for the re-development of Tsunami-ravaged Aceh.

Anwar wanted ‘constructive engagement’ on the part of the U.S. in its ties with Islamic countries, a stance that should not be seen as arrogant and ignore the imperative for cooperation, as opposed to the unilateral approach much practised by the Bush administration.

Anwar used Indonesia as an example of a nation with a huge Muslim population, but yet managed to invoke transformation towards a healthy democracy as well as media freedom in an orderly and peaceful manner.

As such, Anwar agreed with the policies of the U.S. administration, which he saw as supporting the principles of freedom.

He felt confident that whatever positive developments towards democracy in any Islamic countries would surely impact the other countries.

At the same time, Anwar held no punches when criticising many leaders of Islamic countries, which he viewed as not consistent and more inclined to attack the U.S. but oppressive towards their own people, including shackling the media, obstructing democratic initiatives and perpetuating draconian laws, including the Internal Security Act (ISA).

As an example, Anwar said it was all too easy for the leaders of Islamic nations to raise the anger of Muslims against the cruel treatment perpetrated by U.S. soldiers at the Abu Gharib prison in Iraq, but at the same time condoning the same actions on its own people in prisons across their countries.

And although Azmin went to quite some pains to portray the report positively to his boss, nevertheless, upon closer scrutiny it clearly showed Anwar supporting the Zionist regime and offering himself to be their agent.

From Azmin’s report and other sources, the following can be observed:

February 23, 2005 – Arrived at Washington’s Dulles Airport…received by Edward J. Bolton (Deputy Director of Homeland Security).

February 24, 2005 – Meeting with Robert Zoellick, James Wolfensohn, Eliot Abraham and the Cohen Group.

Meeting with Robert Zoellick (Deputy U.S. Secretary of State) in Washington DC.

Lunch given by Zionist, James Wolfensohn (World Bank President) in Washington DC.

Anwar adjourns to the White House for a meeting with Elliot Abrams (Director of National Security Council and Bush Advisor).

Evening: feted to a dinner by the Cohen Group, owned by Zionist, William S.Cohen (former U.S. Defence Secretary) at a hotel in Washington DC.

Other guests included, Paul Wolfowitz. General Pete Pace (former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Dr Surin Pitsuwan (former Thai Foreign Minister, writer Alvin Toffler and others.

February 24, 2005: Anwar at a meeting of the Cohen Group, Jacksonville, Florida.

Present at the meeting were Cohen, Anwar Ibrahim, Howard Berman (Member of the United States House of Representatives), Wolf Blitzer (CNN), William Burns (Deputy U.S. Defence Secretary), Journalist, David Ignatius (Washington Post), Dr Surin Pitsuwan, and others.

February 25, 2005: Meeting with Madeleine Albright at Washington DC. Meeting focused on democracy because Albright was NDI President.

In the evening, Anwar feted at a dinner hosted by Joseph E. Robert Jr., Chairman of J.E. Robert Companies and City Group.

February 28, 2005: Closed door meeting with Paul Wolfowitz at the Pentagon along with Anwar’s right-hand people, Azmin Ali and Khalid Jaafar (Director of IKD).

March 1, 2005: Meeting with Kofi Annan and Robert E. Rubin.

Anwar in a 45 minutes meeting with Kofi Annan, who at the time was UN Secretary-General, at his office in Washington.

Anwar had a closed door meeting with Robert E. Rubin, Chairman and Executive Director of Citigroup and former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury) at Citigroup Headquarters in New York.

Results after Zionist Lobby

The seven days stint in the U.S. can be considered as part of Anwar’s self-promotion and lobby.

As a result, Anwar was appointed Visiting Fellow at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), John Hopkins University, courtesy of recommendations by Paul Wolfowitz, who was a former dean at the university.

With help from Wolfowitz, Anwar was also appointed to a short stint as consultant to the World Bank on January 25, 2006.

He was also appointed Chairman and President of Foundation for the Future, an organisation skewed towards the promotion of ‘democracy’ and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Siapa kata Najib tak mampu berbelanja untuk anaknya?

Pejabat Perdana Menteri telah menafikan bil bagi majlis pertunangan anak perempuan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang diadakan di Hotel Shangri-La di Kuala Lumpur dan bagi mengadakan majlis sambutan hari jadi beliau dibiayai menggunakan wang kerajaan.

Kita perlu terima penafian tersebut, selain jika terdapat bukti kukuh mensahihkan dakwaan pengarah strategi Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Rafizi Ramli itu.

Bagi invois dan bil untuk sesuatu majlis diajukan kepada Pejabat Perdana Menteri (PMO) bukan sesuatu yang ganjil atau menghairankan. Yang penting dari mana atau dari siapa pembayaran dibuat.

Dalam isu ini, payah diterima dakwaan Rafizi kerana tidak mungkin Najib sanggup berbuat demikian setelah bersusah payah membuktikan kepada rakyat betapa di bawah pentadbiran beliau segala-galanya perlu berintegriti.

Namun demikian, sepertimana agenda pembangkang untuk mengasak kerajaan diatur secara berkala, isu-isu sebegini menjadi santapan enak untuk mengenyangkan hati dan minda mereka yang begitu mudah mempercayai sesuatu tanpa menghalusi keadaan.

Bagi individu-individu tertentu dalam pembangkang, apa yang perlu dirisaukan jika melempar tohmahan atau fitnah?

Mungkin pada mereka peribahasa ‘alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan’ boleh diambil pakai. Ini kerana ramai daripada mereka pun hanya menunggu hari sebelum diheret ke mahkamah untuk diadili bersabit pelbagai fitnah.

Dakwaan kononnya sukar dipercayai dengan gaji sekitar RM22,800 sebulan, Najib mampu berbelanja begitu besar untuk majlis-majlis peribadi, satu pandangan cetek.

Mereka yang tergolong dalam generasi lebih dewasa daripada Rafizi yang baru ‘setahun jagung’ mengenali dunia, maklum betapa Najib dan keluarganya berkemampuan. Lihat saja pada salasilah generasi kekeluargaan beliau untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut.

Dan jika ingin dipertikaikan juga, tiada kesalahan bagi seseorang seperti Najib mewarisi harta keluarga turun temurun. Bukannya salah untuk menjadi orang kaya, bukan begitu?

Pada peringkat ini yang perlu dijadikan fokus ialah situasi ketua pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Kita ingin bertanya, dari mana beliau mendapat wang begitu banyak untuk menampung aktiviti yang jika dihitung, berjumlah puluhan atau ratusan juta, walhal kita masih ingat imej beliau sebagai aktivis pelajar dengan berbaju Melayu dan bercapal sewaktu menguruskan Yayasan Anda.

Dari mana datangnya wang puluhan juta yang kita maklum dalam penguasaan beliau? Renungkan ini semua.

Dalam pada itu, bandingkan kedudukannya dengan kedudukan keluarga Najib sendiri?

Di sini apa yang perlu dihalusi bukan soal pegangan feudal atau sebagainya, tetapi kenyataan. Apakah salahnya apabila sebuah keluarga turun temurun dilimpahi rezeki yang bukan dikumpulkan secara sekelip mata?

Yang seorang lagi itu pula, ‘rezeki’ terus menjulang apabila menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri…

Itulah yang amat perlu disiasat dan direnungi rakyat.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zahid’s sexist joke a non-issue, but still shocked activists

It is a joke of a joke...

A report by Malaysiakini on what was obviously a faux pas by Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi at Parliament house today is making its rounds among opposition bloggers.

It was quickly reported by the online news portal after the incident was no less swiftly tweeted by Women’s Aid Organisation executive director Ivy Josiah and appeared on the Twitter web page of Wanita Suara Perubahan (Wanita Super MY).

It was obviously something not intended to be as interpreted and felt by the ladies who were in the group descending on parliament to campaign for a clean government.

Perhaps, Zahid’s misstep was one reason they could go to town with, never mind that it was so trivial if one were to look at it from a certain perspective.

But, then again, the ladies felt that they had their day made, and here we are…
To them what Zahid said was no less than a ‘sexist joke.’

After receiving a pair of white gloves to symbolise the group’s demand for a corruption-free government he allegedly said, "Can't feel the wife if (I) touch her with gloves (pakai sarung tangan pegang isteri nanti tak terasa)".

It was reported that one of Ivy’s colleague had heard and jotted down Zahid’s remark, and then reported it on Twitter.

Ivy said although a joke, it was unacceptable and downright rude. Rather cryptic that, but the ladies went on to express shock, nonetheless.

Oh, dear…

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anwar's letter to another Zionist sycophant - Carl Gershman

In yet another revelation of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s proclivity to pander to the Zionists, two letters he wrote to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) have gone viral.

For the record, the NED is a covert CIA front for what the real power (neo cons) in the U.S. endorse as a private, non-profit foundation dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world.

The letters dated June 18, 2007 and July 29, 2007, respectively, were written using the AIA letterhead, signed by Anwar Ibrahim and sent to the president of the NED, Carl Gershman at 1025, F Street NW, Suite 800, Washington DC 20004.

The initials AIA stand for ‘Anwar Ibrahim & Associate’, a company owned by the de facto PKR leader, operating out of 585, Grove Street, Suite 135, Herndon, Virginia 20170, USA.

According to a search of its records, the company was formed in April, 2005 and registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

In the letter dated June 18, 2007, Anwar expressed thanks to Gershman who invited him to speak at the Commemoration of the Westminster Address at the Library of Congress (click here for photos) in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Ronald Reagan administration.

In the letter, Anwar also asked Gershman for assistance in preparation for the 12th general Election in 2008.

Anwar used the proposal by the Malaysian Center for Electoral Integrity (MCIE) to bring international election observers as justification for his request.

In the event organised by the NED, which was attended by Anwar, the CIA-puppeted organisation made a show of its handing over of documents detailing its history to the Library of Congress, from inception to the manifestation of its global operations.

In his piece, NED and 'Project Democracy' (January 2000), William Blum mentioned Allen Weinstein, who was was credited for having helped draft the legislation that established the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which was eventually set up under President Ronald Reagan in 1983.

It is interesting to note that in the opening line, he quoted Weinstein saying, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA".

As an investigative political writer with a head for U.S. politics, Blum showed how the NED interfered in the affairs of other countries on the pretext of channelling funds for technical training, educational materials, fax and photocopy machines, and even cars to selected political groups, community organisations, associations, the opposition, student groups, publishers, the media and others.

On the surface, the NED is dedicated to fostering the growth of a wide range of democratic institutions abroad, including political parties, trade unions, free markets and business organizations, as well as the many elements of a vibrant civil society that ensure human rights, an independent media, and the rule of law.

In the same vein, NED programmes are, essentially aimed at conveying the philosophical maxim based on a veritable cocktail of such beliefs.

Prior to spreading its poisonous tentacles beyond the Americas, the CIA/NED have notched several successes in bringing about regime change in Panama, Nicaragua, and Haiti. Now, it has surfaced in the Middle East and Thailand.

Colombian journalists and writer, Hernando Calvo Ospina revealed in detail the link between the CIA and the NED in his article, “The CIA’s successors and Collaborators.”

In his speech, Anwar praised Reagan for his efforts in helping to establish the NED, and for having been invited by Gershman to be part of the CIA-fronted organisation.

The second letter sent to Gershman dated July 29, 2007 was a follow up to the first, in which Anwar requested for NED’s involvement in the Malaysian General Election.

He told Gershman that NED’s assistance was crucial in efforts to bring about ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ in Malaysia, like how it played its role in other parts of the world.

French journalist and political activist Thierry Meyssan wrote in his piece, “NED: National Endowment for Democracy - The networks of “democratic interference” mentioned Gershman as a former Trotskyite Jew.

He said “Carl Gershman is one of the neo cons.”

Trotskyite are radicals who support Russian Communist Revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky's theory that socialism must be established throughout the world by continuing revolution. Trotsky was evicted from the Soviet Union after fallout with Joseph Stalin. He was assassinated by an axe-wielding attacker in Mexico in 1940.

According to, Trotsky’s name was originally Lev Davidovich Bronstein. He was born on November 7, 1879, in Kherson Province in Ukraine, the son of Russified Jews. He was educated in Odessa and in Mykolayiv and was a star pupil with enormous intellectual capabilities.

Followers of Trotskyism are mostly found in the folds the American neo-conservatives, who collaborate with the CIA in the fight against Stalinism. These “left-wing idealists” have successfully infiltrated the Republican Party and now have a strong intellectual influence on the White House and Pentagon.

Carl Gershman, who became president of the NED in 1984 till now, operates through four other organisational conduits, namely the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), International Republican Institute (IRI), Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and ACILS (American Center for International Labor Solidarity).

The NED at the same time sponsors the Freedom House.

Both the instruments (IRI and NDI) have enjoyed enormous sponsorships from the NED, which in turn squeeze its funds from the blood, sweat and tears of the American tax payers.

In his article, “National Endowment for Democracy: Paying to Make Enemies of America”, outspoken critic of American foreign and monetary policies, Ron Paul wrote, “What the NED have done in other countries, through beneficiary organisations such as the NDI and IRI is certainly not legal in the U.S.”

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anwar's letter to Zionists - this one to Soros

Following the government’s declassification and release of three letters by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to three Israeli Prime Ministers, AIDC have decided to reveal the letters sent by opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to pro-Zionist personalities in the United States.

For the first instalment, we present our readers with a missive from Anwar to George Soros dated December 15, 2006, which used the AccountAbility letterhead.

According to, Soros is a Jew of Hungarian origins, who at one time had helped fund the Gay Rights Movement in Serbia, which aimed to topple the country’s government.

Anwar is the honorary president of AccountAbility, which is an organisation based in London. AccountAbility has often been mentioned as a pro-Israeli body under the patronage of former US vice president, Al Gore.

The letters shown here were sent to Soros through his address at the Soros Fund Management, 888, 7th Avenue, 33rd Floor New York, NY 10106.

Other than Soros Fund Management, the thieving currency trader who supports the progressive liberals also owns two other funds, namely the Open Society Institute (OSI) and Quantum Fund.

In Poland, Soros controls the Stefan Batory Foundation.

In the letter, Anwar in his capacity as the honorary president of AccountAbility seeks Soros’s permission to see his (Anwar’s) boss, Simon Zadek, who is the Chief Executive Officer of AccountAbility.

Both Zadek and Anwar are board members of the Advisory Board of Generation Investment Management (GIM), which is an investment company owned by Al Gore.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss collaboration between AccountAbility and Soros Fund Management.

“I am convinced that your and AccountAbility’s work are closely aligned and hope that you are of the same view.

“If so, might I suggest we take the conversation forward in exploring practical areas where collaboration might be appropriate,”
wrote Anwar.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mana kaca, mana permata di antara NGO

Dalam post terbaru beliau pada blog, Tun Mahathir mengupas agenda kuasa asing melalui kaedah mempengaruhi dan menguasai NGO.

Beliau merujuk kepada penangkapan 10 rakyat Amerika di Mesir baru-baru ini.

Memetik apa yang dilaporkan majalah Newsweek, Mahathir berkata NGO-NGO berkenaan kononnya terbabit membawa demokrasi ke Mesir. Justeru, nama-nama NGO seperti National Democratic Institute (NDI), International Republican Institute (IRI) dan Freedom House dilonjakkan untuk tatapan dunia.

Seperti pernah dikupas penulis ini beberapa kali, kesemua NGO tersebut menerima bantuan dana daripada kerajaan Amerika Syarikat, yang jika dihalusi selanjutnya, mempunyai kaitan mendalam dengan agenda puak Zionis dan penyokong-penyokong mereka seperti penyangak mata wang antarabangsa George Soros, Paul Wolfowitz, dan ramai lagi.

Operasi ke atas NGO-NGO tertentu, selain menyoal siasat warga Amerika dan seterusnya menyekat mereka daripada meninggalkan Mesir sementara menunggu siasatan selesai kini menyebabkan hubungan Amerika Syarikat-Mesir menjadi tegang tiba-tiba.

Dan kerana mengganggu kepentingan mereka, dana AS$1.3bil yang dijanjikan Amerika kepada Mesir sebagai bantuan ketenteraan mungkin terjejas.

Sewaktu pentadbiran Hosni Mubarak, NGO dilarang menerima pembiayaan dari Amerika Syarikat, kecuali NGO yang berdaftar melalui organisasi-organisasi tertentu, seperti Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour. Kini, dengan ketiadaan Hosni Mubarak, Amerika rakus menyalurkan sebanyak mungkin bantuan kewangan kepada NGO-NGO tidak berdaftar bagi memantapkan agenda neo-penjajahan Amerika di sebalik topeng pelaksanaan demokrasi mutlak di Mesir.

Gambaran yang dilakarkan di Mesir perlu diambil iktibar di Malaysia, kerana kita maklum betapa Amerika Syarikat memberi sokongan padu kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Dan seperti di Tunisia, Mesir dan lain-lain negara Arab yang dicengkam agenda pertukaran kerajaan, seperti itu juga di Malaysia, tidak kurang NGO yang didalangi anasir-anasir luar. Mereka berdiri di sisi ketokohan Anwar yang di perhebat media barat bagi mensahihkan hasrat.

Mengambil iktibar daripada apa yang berlaku di Mesir seperti yang disoroti Tun Mahathir, kita perlu berhati-hati memeluk sebarang agenda NGO yang menggunakan premis hak asasi sebagai belantan untuk meyakinkan sokongan.

Garis perbezaan di antara apa sebenarnya yang dimaksudkan sebagai hak asasi manusia dan agenda licik kuasa asing perlu dihalusi walaupun sepayah mana. Ini kerana hampir rata-rata hati dan minda rakyat Malaysia, terutama sebahagian besar generasi muda telah dipengaruhi budaya Amerika – budaya yang secara tidak disedari menguasai arus pemikiran.

Amaran yang diberikan Tun Mahathir tidak bererti semua NGO tidak boleh diterima pakai.

Seperti disuarakan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak kelmarin, kerajaan akan mendekati NGO-NGO yang boleh memanfaatkan kesejahteraan rakyat.

Justeru, apa yang diumumkan Najib itu perlu diterima secara berhemah kerana laluan melalui NGO antara pendekatan subversif paling licik oleh kuasa asing.

Tontoni Wayang Tok Dalang Pakatan di Kedah!

PAS pusat hari ini mengarahkan kedua-dua wakil rakyat ‘pemberontak’ dalam PAS Kedah supaya kembali menyertai Exco Pentadbiran Negeri Kedah.

Dalam apa yang diyakini pucuk pimpinan PAS sebagai tindakan menyelesaikan secara muktamad kemelut dalam kerajaan pimpinan PAS di Kedah itu, parti juga memutuskan supaya Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak yang dikatakan oleh orang dalam PAS sebagai punca krisis, supaya meneruskan tugas beliau sebagai Menteri Besar.

Dengan pengumuman PAS Pusat di sini pagi tadi, apakah benar-benar telah berakhir krisis di Kedah?

Bagi pemerhati luar, sesungguhnya persepsi dan imej telah terbentuk. Di pihak kedua-dua exco pemberontak itu, ia menunjukkan kerakusan mereka untuk merampas kuasa tanpa memikirkan tentang perpaduan parti menjelang PRU ke-13 yang akan diadakan bila-bila masa.

Walaupun orang-orang atas dalam PAS berasa yakin Datuk Pharolrazi Mohd Zawai dan Datuk Dr Ismail Salleh akan mematuhi ‘nasihat’ PAS Pusat, itu, namun tengah hari ini timbul khabar mengatakan ia tidak mungkin berlaku semudah itu.

Kedua-dua mereka dikatakan enggan berbuat demikian kerana prinsip dan pegangan bahawa ‘Tok Wan’ Azizan tidak layak lagi memimpin Kedah.

Arahan PAS Pusat itu tidak mempunyai kuasa atau tenaga untuk menyebabkan mereka berpatah balik setelah membakar jambatan yang terbina sejak sekian lama.

Jika dikatakan malu, ia tidak mendapat tempat dalam hal ini kerana hakikatnya ada lembaga yang berada lebih tinggi daripada pucuk pimpinan dalam PAS Pusat.

Seperti mana lembaga seumpama itu menangani isu P. Ramasamy di Pulau Pinang dengan kata-dua ala diktator oleh kuasa sebenar dalam DAP, begitu juga keadaannya berhubung isu Kedah ini.

Lembaga yang mempunyai puluhan jari untuk mendalangi ‘ketertiban’ dalam persekongkolan Pakatan Rakyat di mana PAS sebahagian daripadanya, tidak lain daripada ketua pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sendiri.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Apa Di sebalik 'Pertukaran Rejim' Diinginkan Amerika?

Dalam blog beliau pada 13 Februari, 2012, bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengkritik apa yang disifatkan sebagai ‘politik pertukaran rejim’ yang diamalkan Amerika Syarikat. Beliau melahirkan kebimbangan Malaysia akan turut menjadi sasaran ‘pertukaran rejim’, dan calon pilihan Amerika yang akan diberikan sokongan penuh oleh Amerika Syarikat, tidak lain daripada ketua pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Mengapa Amerika Syariat mahukan pertukaran rejim di Malaysia, walhal Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak telah berusaha memperkukuhkan hubungan dengan Washington? Malahan beliau juga telah menggunakan perkhidmatan APCO, sebuah syarikat perhubungan awam yang berpangkalan di Washington bagi merangsang imej Malaysia di Amerika. Selain itu, hubungan peribadi di antara Presiden Amerika Syarikat Barack Obama dan Najib juga dikatakan berada pada tahap ‘terbaik’.

Oleh itu, agak meyakinkan sekiranya kuasa-kuasa yang membentuk sikap Washington terhadap politik Malaysia dan barisan pemimpin di Malaysia lebih mengutamakan Anwar daripada Najib kerana sebab-sebab tertentu.

Pertama, walaupun Najib mempunyai pertalian dan kemesraan dengan pemimpin-pemimpin formal dan negara formal dalam sistem kerajaan Amerika Syarikat, yang nyata, Anwar tokoh yang di rasa lihat mempunyai pertalian lebih intim dengan kuasa sebenar dalam sistem kerajaan Amerika. Kuasa sebenar yang dimaksudkan tidak lain kumpulan berkepentingan kuat, seperti kumpulan pelobi Zionis, puak pejuang hak Kristian ‘Christian Right’, pemegang pengaruh kewangan yang berkuasa di Wall Street, pemilik syarikat-syarikat minyak, penjual senjata dan pemilik syarikat-syarikat media – merekalah sebenarnya kuasa tidak formal (kuasa sebenar) di Amerika Syarikat.

Untuk memahami perbezaan di antara kedua-dua entiti atau kuasa ini, kita perlu menghalusi inti pati ucapan Obama di Kaherah pada 4 Jun, 2009. Beliau secara terang-terangan menyatakan bahawa “Amerika Syarikat tidak sekali-kali akan menerima pengiktirafan wilayah yang terus diduduki Israel”, walhal hakikatnya kumpulan pemimpin formal Amerika sememangnya terpaksa tunduk dan memberi jalan kepada puak Zionis and Christian Right, yang merupakan kumpulan begitu ghairah mempromosikan pengembangan kuasa Zionis dengan membelakangkan hak rakyat Palestin.

Penyertaan Anwar dalam kumpulan kuasa sebenar direalisasikan melalui keakraban beliau dengan bekas Setiausaha Pertahanan Amerika, Paul Wolfowitz, yang merupakan antara penyokong utama kuasa Zionis.

Justeru, melalui pengaruh dan kuasa Wolfowitz Anwar dilantik menjadi pengerusi pertama Foundation for the Future pada 2005. Organisasi tersebut di tubuh bagi mempromosikan demokrasi di Asia Barat dan Afrika Utara (WANA), yang sebenarnya mempunyai niat tersirat menebarkan cengakaman kuasa Amerika-Israel di kedua-dua wilayah berkenaan.

Kecenderungan Anwar kepada idealisme dan rancangan Amerika-Israel dapat dirasakan seawal 1998, ketika rantau ini digugat Krisis Kewangan Asia yang memperlihatkan bagaimana beliau berkeras mengajukan penyelesaian berteraskan campur tangan IMF bagi kononnya menyelesaikan masalah ekonomi negara.

Itu sebab sewaktu dua perbicaraan pertama bersabit tuduhan penyalahgunaan kuasa dan sodomi di antara 1998 dan 2004, dan pada perbicaraan sodomi baru-baru ini, media arus perdana Amerika bersungguh menuntut supaya kerajaan Malaysia membebaskan Anwar. Desakan turut disuarakan secara bersama oleh Wolfowitz dan bekas Naib Presiden Amerika, Al Gore dalam akhbar The Wall Street Journal pada 4 Ogos, 2010. Mereka mendesak kerajaan Amerika memujuk kerajaan Malaysia supaya bertindak ‘secara bijaksana’ dalam menangani perbicaraan Anwar.

Sehari sebelum beliau dibebaskan, iaitu pada 8 Januari, 2012, akhbar The Washington Post dalam rencana khas lidah pengarang memberi amaran “Jika keputusan mahkamah gagal dalam ujian tersebut (komitmen Malaysia terhadap demokrasi dan kedaulatan undang-undang), Najib akan menerima padahnya dari Washington.” Ini jelas usaha terang-terangan oleh sebuah akhbar yang berpengaruh untuk memberi tekanan ke atas sebuah negara berdaulat supaya tunduk kepada kehendaknya.

Kedua, sebahagian sebab Anwar dijadikan ‘anak emas’ oleh kuasa sebenar Amerika Syarikat ialah kerana pendirian beliau berhubung Israel. Dalam satu wawancara dengan Wall Street Journal pada 26 Januari, 2012, beliau mengulangi sokongan kepada “semua usaha melindungi keselamatan negara Israel.” Perlu ditekankan di sini bahawa sokongan kepada keselamatan Israel, berbeza daripada apa yang nyatakan beliau sekarang – bukan bergantung kepada sama ada “Israel menghormati aspirasi rakyat Palestine.” Dalam wawancara itu, aspek keselamatan Israel dinyatakan secara sendirian tanpa dikaitkan dengan pergantungan terma lain. Yang Anwar kaitkan dengan aspirasi Palestin ialah pengiktirafan hubungan diplomatik dengan Israel.

Mengutamakan keselamatan Israel sesuatu yang amat dipuji olek kuasa sebenar Amerika Syarikat dan dunia Zionis, lebih-lebih lagi apabila pejuangnya seorang pemimpin Islam. Ini kerana keselamatan Israel dijadikan justifikasi bagi tindakan menceroboh, menjajah, dan seterusnya menguasai wilayah Palestin sejak 63 tahun lalu.

Keselamatan Israel satu bebanan yang tidak menampakkan penghujung bagi rakyat Palestin dan negara-negara Arab. Tanah dan maruah mereka telah dirampas oleh sebuah kuasa penjajah. Dengan cara mengakui kepentingan keselamatan Israel, Anwar memberikan isyarat jelas kepada kuasa sebenar Amerika, Tel Aviv dan Washington bahawa beliau seorang yang mereka boleh percayai.

Berbeza dengan pendirian Anwar, walaupun kerajaan pimpinan Najib berusaha menjalinkan hubungan rapat dengan Washington, ia masih berpendirian kritikal terhadap kerakusan dan penjajahan Israel. Najib pernah menggambarkan kerajaan Israel seperti seorang ‘pembunuh bersiri’ dan ‘gangster.’

Pandangan ini tidak disenangi oleh kuasa sebenar Amerika, kerana 20 tahun dulu Anwar pernah memberitahu sahabat Zionisnya di Washington beliau kesal menggunakan istilah-istilah seperti ‘pencerobohan Zionis’ (Jackson Diehl, “Flirting with Zealotry in Malaysia – The Washington Post, 28 Jun, 2010).

Ketiga, Anwar menjadi pilihan kuasa sebenar Amerika kerana sebab lain. Beliau dilihat sebagai faktor yang semakin penting bagi Israel dalam konteks kebangkitan China dan pengertiannya dalam struktur hegemoni global Amerika.

Kuasa sebenar Amerika telah meyakinkan Obama bahawa China merupakan ancaman kepada negara-negara jirannya, dan juga ancaman kepada peranan dominan Amerika di Asia-Pasifik. Dengan mewujudkan sebuah pangkalan tentera di Darwin, Australia, menghidupkan kembali perikatan tentera Amerika dengan Filipina, mempengaruhi Jepun supaya memainkan peranan ketenteraan lebih besar di rantau ini, menghasut Vietnam supaya mencabar China berhubung Kepulauan Spratly, dan menggalakkan India mengimbangi kuasa China – semua ini sebahagian daripada agenda lebih meluas Amerika untuk mengepung dan mengehadkan perkembangan pengaruh China. Dalam usaha mengejar agenda ini Amerika mahukan sekutu yang boleh diharap, dan bukan hanya sahabat di Asia.

Sehubungan itu, Malaysia dianggap penting kerana kedudukannya sebagai sebuah negara di kawasan pantai (litoral) yang mempunyai hak ke atas Selat Melaka, iaitu laluan paling penting bagi membangunkan ekonomi China.

Apakah usaha untuk menyekat dan mengehadkan kuasa China akan menjadi lebih mantap dengan penguasaan ke atas Selat Melaka? Dalam hal ini, apakah sekutu yang diyakini di Kuala Lumpur akan dapat merealisasikan harapan tersebut?

Dalam pengertian ini, Amerika berpendapat pucuk pimpinan yang ada sekarang tidak sesuai bagi tujuan tersebut.

Ini kerana Malaysia terbukti telah mewujud dan mengekalkan persahabatan melalui peningkatan perdagangan dan pelaburan dengan China. Kini China rakan perdagangan global paling besar Malaysia, sementara Malaysia pula rakan perdagangan paling besar China di rantau ASEAN.

Dalam pada itu, China masih ingat betapa Malaysia di bawah pentadbiran Tun Abdul Razak muncul sebagai negara bukan Komunis pertama di Asia Tenggara menjalinkan hubungan diplomatik dengan negara itu pada 1974.

Apabila anak beliau, Najib menjadi Perdana Menteri pada April 2009, China negara pertama di luar ASEAN dipilih beliau untuk dilawati. Selain itu, di beberapa forum serantau dan antarabangsa, Malaysia sentiasa menyatakan China bukan ancaman kepada negara-negara jirannya dan China tidak berhasrat untuk mendapatkan kuasa dominan global.

Ini antara pandangan-pandangan yang tidak disetujui atau disenangi oleh kuasa sebenar Amerika. Pada mereka China tetap musuh yang perlu diawasi, maka disebabkan ini mereka mahukan pertukaran rejim di Kuala Lumpur.