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Proof of Anwar’s Support for Israel: the Annapolis Summit

On December 1, 2006, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called on all reformists within and beyond the country to together build an effective institution for a democratic nation.

Rice talked about reformation in the regional context (Middle East and North Africa) and ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which was an important agenda for herself and President Bush.

Also mentioned were former U.S. Supreme Court Judge, Sandra Day O’Connor and former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim, as among important personalities in the Foundation for the Future (FFF), which worked together with regional reformation efforts to realise the agenda for change.

The mission and direction of the FFF, as shown above is part of the 267 documents produced by the U.S. State Department to the Government Accountability Project (GAP), which was responsible for administrative accountability in the U.S.

GAP’s international officer, Shelley Walden used the U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as the channel, and it took almost three months to procure the documents and prepare a report on the FFF, which was sponsored by the State Department.

Annapolis Summit 2007

To make good on her promise as mentioned above, Rice organised the ‘Annapolis Summit’, which was aimed at bringing an end to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The summit was held on November 27, 2007 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and was chaired by President George W.Bush.

Israel was represented by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, while Palestine by the President’s representative, Mahmoud Abbas.

Although the summit had yet to finalise its resolution, the draft document, ‘Road Map for Peace’, sponsored by President Bush, which rode on the ‘two states solution’ theme was leaked to Israeli newspaper, ‘Haaretz’ 10 days earlier than the holding of the summit.

How did Haaretz get hold of the documents at such an early date, considering that it was a confidential resolution document on the ‘two states solution’?

According to Wikipedia, the two-state solution refers to the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict currently under discussion, which calls for "two states for two peoples." The two-state solution envisages the establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel.

What it means is ‘…a solution to form an independent state of Palestine along with a legitimate nation of Israel.’

The formation and recognition of a legitimate ‘nation of Israel’ became the main reason for the Palestinians, who were represented by Hamas and Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khameini to boycott the conference.

The people of Palestine rose in protest. Throughout the Gaza peninsula they took to the streets and demonstrated against the ‘two states’ agenda. Meanwhile, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticised the conference, saying ‘to support Annapolis is to support the Zionist agenda.’

“We do not recognise the representative, who is part of the Annapolis talks…he does not represent the people of Palestine,” said Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh.

As Wikipedia puts it, the Annapolis Summit 2007 was a continuation of the peace agreement between Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat with Israel, and a follow up official visit to Israel in 1977, which culminated with the Camp David Peace Accords in 1978.

Anwar Signs for the Lobbying of the ‘Two States Solution’

Besides his involvement in the FFF, Anwar was also part of the George Soros-sponsored International Crisis Group (ICG).

Anwar was appointed as a committee member of the ICG sometime in June, 2006.
At the ICG meeting in Vancouver, Canada in March, 2007, which was also attended by Anwar, the group passed the ‘two states solution’ and subsequently demanded that Islamic countries, in particular the Arab world to establish diplomatic ties with Israel as the best way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

According to the ICG, this was the best way to put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, as endorsed by the UN Security Council’s Resolution 242 (1967) and (338 (1973), the Camp David Peace Accords (1978), the Quartet 9UN, US, EU and Russia), i.e. to recognise an independent state of Palestine, and at the same time accord the same to a ‘legitimate’ nation of Israel.

The ICG Resolution was agreed by all those who attended, including Lord Patten (the joint chairman), Thomas R. Pickering (joint chairman), Gareth Evans ()president), Morton Abramowitz, , Kenneth Adelman, Anwar Ibrahim, Shlomo Ben-Ami, Kim Campbell, Maria Livanos Cattaui, Wesley Clark, Carla Hills, Stephen Solarz, George Soros and others.

Ensuing from the meeting, on October 10, 2007, the ICG once again rose to the occasion when it collaborated with two other U.S. think tanks, namely the United States Middle East Project (USMEP) and the New America Foundation/ American Strategy Programme in sending a lobby letter in support of the President Bush and Condoleezza Rice’s efforts for the calling of a conference between Israel and Palestine, which was later to be known as the Annapolis Summit.

In the lobby letter to President Bush, the ICG, USMEP and the New America Foundation recommended that the U.S. government gave priority to the ‘two states solution’ concept, which would, invariably, establish a legitimate nation of Israel and that of Palestine. Jerusalem was to be the capital of both entities, but the Israeli neighbourhoods coming under Israeli control, while the Arab neighbourhoods to be under the control of ‘independent’ Palestine.

New America Foundation’s Steve Clemons, who was also a signatory in the letter of support for President Bush, went on to reveal how Southeast Asia’s most ‘respected’ Islamic personality, Anwar Ibrahim gave all out support to the Annapolis Summit initiative.
The proof of Anwar’s complicity in all this was revealed by Clemons.

Anwar Ibrahim’s name was placed on the same line as that of former CIA Deputy Director, John McLaughlin.

Besides Clemon’s revelation, the ICG, USMEP and the New America Foundation also disseminated on the Internet the names of those who supported the Annapolis Summit with PDF documents downloadable at prospectsforpeace.com and druckversion.studien-von-zeitfragen.net.
Both documents have Anwar Ibrahim’s name.

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