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Anwar says he represents the 'two states solution'...

The 7 minutes 48 seconds video recording of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s speech, which many say is in support of an ‘Israeli State’ has begun to make its rounds.

“I represent the view…‘two states solution’ for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, “said Anwar at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre (WWIC), Washington DC on June 24, 2010.

Anwar said this when answering a question posed by Stanley Kober, a former Research Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at Cato Institute, Washington, who asked him to explain why he voted the way he did on the flotilla incident, as well as why this issue was so important that the Malaysian parliament wanted to vote on it and would want to make its opinion.

It could be that, according to the participant in question, Anwar as the leader of Malaysia’s opposition pact should be opposing the motion to criticise Israel in the Malaysian parliament, and that if, he too, supported it, it only showed that he was also ‘anti-Semitic.’

In reply, Anwar said he was suspicious and rejected the motion to criticise Israel – a motion that was suggested by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak because, according to him the act of bringing up an anti-Israeli motion was tantamount to a policy of ‘racism.’

He said Najib, who brought that motion, had criticised what was considered as brutal action on the part of the Zionist state of Israel. He went on to say that he and his cohorts (actually) in the opposition were sceptical in support of the resolution.

However, he cautioned that many among his group realised that there was no need to adopt an anti-Jew or anti-Semitic stance, as this would be tantamount to being racists.

To support his answer, and to prove that he rejected the anti-Israeli motion, Anwar claimed that he represented those who supported the ‘two states solution’ idea in putting an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

In the video, Anwar also criticised the laws practised in Malaysia, which he considered as undemocratic…laws such as the whipping sentence imposed on former part time model, Kartika Sari Dewi Sukarno for consuming alcohol, as well as the ban on the use of the word Allah among Christians.

The ‘two states solution’ is an idea lobbied by the International Crisis Group (ICG), which is an international body based in Brussels and Washington DC.

In a meeting of the ICG held in Vancouver in March 2007, which was attended by Anwar, it was proposed that the ‘two states solution’ be invoked as the best way to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

What the ‘two states solution’ entails is the recognition of Palestine as an independent nation, but at the same time accepting that Israel is also a legitimate state.

According to the ICG, the ‘two states solution’ is in line with the UN Security Council Resolutions 242 (1967) and (1973), the Camp David Peace Accord (1978), the Clinton Parameters (2000), the Arab League Initiative (2002), the Roadmap for Peace (2003), and the Quartet on the Middle East (UN, US, EU and Russia).

Besides that, the ICG also proposed for the establishment of diplomatic ties between Islamic nations, in particular the Arab world and Israel, which should be strengthened.

According to the collaborative resource for citizens and journalists, Sourcewatch, the ICG is sponsored by funding sources, including the Open Society (OSI), which is owned by the billionaire Jewish currency trader, George Soros.

Soros is on the Executive Committee and the US Board Members of the ICG.

Anwar Ibrahim was appointed to the ICG Members Committee sometime in June 2006, when he was a Visiting Lecturer at St Anthony’s College, Oxford, the most international of the colleges under Oxford University, often linked to Chris Pattern and his crony, Soros for reasons that are obvious.

On December 1, 2005, when Anwar was participating in the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) question and answer session in New York, he shared his sentiments with Israeli activist and founder of the Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI), Gershon Baskin.

During the session Baskin asked Anwar for his views on the process of democratic maturity in Palestine when Hamas/Hizbollah, which were purportedly moving towards democracy, but at the same time still held on to armed struggle.

In reply, Anwar said at least he had a good friend in Gershon Baskin from Israel. He said he shared the same sentiments as Baskin, that what should be emphasised when an organisation chose to accept their democratic process (Hizbollah and Hamas) is to forget all other means…such as armed struggle, militancy and military action.

Anwar stressed that his stand as regards violence was non-negotiable.

He said if Hamas and Hizbollah wanted to implement the democratic process and have elections, all those things must be done away with.

Hearing the answer given by Anwar, Baskin did not hesitate to heap praises for Anwar in his article of January 27, 2006 for The Jerusalem Times.

In yet another ‘song of praise’ for Anwar which appeared in the ‘Israel Insider’ on January 6, 2006, Baskin said if Anwar was a Palestinian he would have been former Israeli President Ariel Sharon’s counterpart in efforts to bring about a settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Baskin supported the ‘two states solution’ idea for the conflict. However, the idea is rejected by the majority of Muslim Palestinians, who saw it as yet another of Israel’s attempts to hoodwink them into recognising a legitimate ‘nation of Israel.’

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