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When Soro’s Writer-for-Hire Threatens Najib

It was not a coincidence that the piece written by The Guardian’s Simon Tisdall was swiftly amplified by Malaysiakini for a wider readership reach.

It is also no secret that Tisdall is on George Soro’s payroll of mercenary scribes, and by extension, Malaysiakini itself has often been quoted to be a project underwritten by that notorious Jewish currency scoundrel.

With the heading “Najib Risks Malaysia’s Reputation in his treatment of Anwar Ibrahim,” Tisdall blatantly warned Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak that he would face certain risks should Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim be found guilty of sodomy and squirreled away to prison.

“The portents do not look good for Malaysia's opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, whose trial on highly dubious sodomy charges draws to a close this week,” he wrote on the speculation that the golden boy of the West looked set to go straight to the Sungai Buloh Prison as had happened about 10 years earlier.

Even before the verdict is announced Tisdall was of the opinion that Anwar would be found guilty on January 9. His forecast was based on the final submission of Anwar’s defence lawyers, but in an effort to cover its inherent weakness, Tisdall set his sights on Najib, instead.

Intelligence Agent

According Rory Winter of OpEd News, Tisdall’s appointment as deputy editor marked the beginning of a ‘new revolution’ in The Guardian, which he attributed to the latter being what he labelled as “the pimpish US government mouthpiece…”
“Tisdall certainly likes to play the cheerleader for US foreign policy,” wrote Winter, referring to the journalist’s proclivity to defend President Bush’s leadership.

Winter went on to criticise Tisdall in his 2007 article, ““The Guardian: An Unlimited Conduit for USUK’s War Propaganda”. It was written when the U.S. was led by the Republicans, and Bush through the covert efforts of the CIA was busy recruiting agents to justify its occupation of Iraq.

It was also during that time when Tisdall was surreptitiously smuggled into the international media fraternity that Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim was released from Sungai Buloh Prison and was swiftly recruited to operate similar missions.

According to the OpEdNews writer, the tentacles of the U.S. intelligence service had long permeated British journalism, like what happened to ‘The Telegraph’ and Con Coughlin, who is the newspaper’s executive foreign editor and a known mole of the British intelligence outfit, MI5.

However, according to him it cannot be ascertained if Tisdall is among the agents, but his propensity to act as the ‘cheerleader’ of U.S. foreign policy, in particular issues relating to the occupation of Iraq and anti-chavism seem to point in that direction.

As a pro-Republican journalist, it is not surprising to find that Tisdall gave support to President Bush and deride President Obama of the rival Democrats.
According to the website,, Tisdall has a liberal mindset.

The website merely put him as a ‘devotee’ of liberal thinking, although it is uncertain if it is American liberalism or British liberalism, but nevertheless uses ‘socialism’ as label.

Meanwhile, the blog, dailysketcher described Tisdall as a dishonest intelligence stooge.

They see Tisdall as a spy disguised as a journalist hiding behind the façade of the Observer/Guardian newspapers and writes untruthfully for purposes of bending and influencing the people’s thinking.

His dishonest ways were reported by the blog when he stridently condemned Iran by linking Al-Qaeda to the country’s alleged stash of nuclear arsenal, which gave the U.S. the excuse it needed to interfere.

But, according to the blog, the allegations against Tisdall were mere propaganda devoid of concrete proof.

The Soros Project

For all its worth, according to Wikipedia, it was The Guardian, which popularised the UK’s ‘centre-left liberalism’ policy.

The media group was formed in 1936 by the Scott family, and later designated as the Scott Trust.

The newspapers most well-known editor was Charles Prestwich Scott (C.P. Scott), who headed The Guardian for 57 years until 1872.

Along with the Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, C.P. Scott, who was also a British Liberal Party Member of Parliament, played an important role in efforts to give recognition to the ‘state’ of Israel through the Balfour Declaration.

Guardian freelance writer, Daphna Baram had revealed the link between The Guardian, the Zionist movement and Israel in her book, “Disenchantment: The Guardian and Israel“.

The Guardian and its media group is part of the Soros Project which was named the ‘Project Syndicate.’

Project Syndicate is an organisation funded by Soros through his Open Society Foundation (OSF), which in turn works with other media bodies to promote the thoughts of certain personalities.

The personalities include Chris patten, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard N. Haas, Richard C. Holbrooke, Desmond Tutu and many more.

Most of these personalities were also involved with Soro’s other projects, in particular those that involved U.S. foreign policy intelligence, including the ICG (International Crisis Group), CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), HRW (Human Rights Watch), Amnesty International (AI), NED (National Endowment for Democracy), Freedom House and others.

Anwar Ibrahim is part of the network.

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