Sunday, September 4, 2011

Noramfaizul died for our conscience

He died so that we can come to terms with our conscience in the face of millions of famine-stricken people hit by intense drought and the wrath of warring factions in Somalia.

Much have been said and speculated about circumstances leading to his death. Anything goes – from claims that he was not insured and that he died for some publicity-hungry groups.

Yes, anyone can say anything about it but no one can deny that he was there as a brave volunteer to bring home the news to this here parts from the lens of a Malaysian media videographer.

Whatever speculation that surrounds the circumstances of his death is secondary and should have no bearing on the fact that two children and their mother have lost someone they dearly love this Hari Raya.

To this writer, the late Noramfaizul is way above many of his compatriots in the local media fraternity. He has shown his courage and journalistic mettle by being there in Somalia where most members of the world’s media tread with acute trepidation, given the media death toll standing at 34 since 1992.

No word can describe the sadness this writer feels, given that my slogging via the information super highway, interpreting and analysing reports generated by video correspondents like him pales in comparison to his courage as the man-on-the-spot.

It is this courage in Noramfaizul that has initiated him posthumous into the Malaysia’s media hall of fame.

And so, to Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, only prayers and al-fatihah from this blogger at Lenggong Valley.

Thank you.

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