Monday, September 5, 2011

Mat Sabu's Vicious Lies About a Ruthless Commie!

There have been lots of comments on Mat Sabu's statement in Facebook. These far outnumber the ones in blogs.

Opposition supporters in Facebook are quite active in posting comments to justify Mat Sabu's statement. These include a biodata of the communist bandit, Mohamad Indera or Mat Indera, portraying him as the son of an ulama' and a person of good character. Most of their comments are distortions of history. We cannot allow this to go unchallenged with facts and arguments.

This is an example of their comments:

(“Being a PR supporter, what I see as totally 'wrong' is for him to say that statement knowing very well how the media can mince words. His premise is right by the way.

British = bad guys;

1950 = pre-Merdeka, so in 1950, if you shot at people aligned to the British = you were fighting against the enemy)

This is their logic in portraying Mat Indera and the communist bandits as heroes and denying the contributions of Dato Onn Jaafar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Sardon Jubir, etc. And in an attempt to get the perspective right they posted the above comments.

Since the end of World War II, the British plan for self-determination, i.e. independence for Malaya was already underway. We may trace this to the Sykes-Picot Secret Agreement, the plan for the creation of an Israeli state on Palestinian land which was well under way and had been their hidden agenda for some time. The British wanted to distract the Muslims of the Malay Archipelago from what they were implementing in the Middle East. It is indeed no sheer coincidence the British soldiers who were sent to liberate Malaya from the anti British Communists had prior to that served in Palestine! Many scholars today see a plan in tandem that both the British and the Dutch were trying to implement here in the Muslim Majority archipelago, i.e. to turn the sultanates into republics. Getting rid of the sultans was also like getting rid of the Muslim heads of states. But that is another story.

British plans to divide the Muslims everywhere soon became the Malayan Union here, which was to be the model for this country, in parallel with the efforts across the Straits to make Sumatra, Java, etc into republics, too. Many of the people here saw this as a blatant disregard for the religion of the locals, i.e. Islam, of which the heads were the Sultans. Making the
Queen the head of state here when she was also then Head of the Church of England was not acceptable.

These were among the major arguments of the Malays against the Malayan Union. The Malayan Union was objected by the Malays for these and other reasons about which we should know if we read our well documented history. Malay resistance to the Malayan Union gave birth to UMNO. The Sultans were pressured by the Malay public NOT to agree to the British plan to turn the country into a republic. Please watch Hati Malay, a movie by prolific Malay director Datuk Shuhaimi Baba that accurately depicts what happened.

After 1946, UMNO had become a political force to be reckoned with. That was why the British chose to negotiate with UMNO and not the others. The others, including the MCA and MIC followed the lead of UMNO, when it was obvious the British gave credence to the objection of the Malays. Besides, these others were afraid of what would become of their British citizenship status. Would they become nationless? Would the giving of independence to the Malay states deprive them of a legal status, etc?

Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM) also tried to negotiate with the British, but due to its leftist ideology and obvious association with the communists, their attempt never saw the light of day. That was why PUTERA-AMCJA (All-Malaya Council of Joint Action) came up with the Perlembagaan Rakyat in 1947, which was an amalgamation of Malay-leftist and predominantly Chinese-communist aspirations for Malaya. But PUTERA-AMCAJA broke up soon after that. The semi-nationalistic aspiration of the Malay left could not sit easily with the communist ideology for very long. Their numbers were so few, anyway. The Malays then became very anti communist for a good reason. Communism denounced religion!

The break down of the Malay left-communist amalgamation left UMNO-MCA-MIC as the sole political force to be reckoned with during pre-independence Malaya. The negotiations went well and we soon gained our independence from the British in 1957, leaving our monarchy based system quite intact. Hence, the status of Islam was also not obliterated as feared. In fact there was already a faction within UMNO which later became PAS, who were most unhappy with Tunku’s agreement to grant citizenship to the Chinese and Indians and others of especially the Straits colonies. Get that? PAS was formed to protest against the giving of citizenship to the non Malays! So, let us not forget it.

So, no matter what Mat Sabu may be trying to say now, it is unbecoming of him to deny the contributions and sacrifices of Malay leaders like Dato' Onn Jaafar and Tunku Abdul Rahman in the struggle for independence. In fact their struggles were a reflection of the desire of the majority then.

Let us put our emotions aside, and let us get our facts right! History cannot be changed just as we cannot reverse time.

Additionally, Mat Sabu is today a member of the very party that OPPOSED the GRANTING of CITIZENSHIP TO THE NON MALAYS. So, who is he trying to kid? Ask any senior Malays from Kelantan or Kedah, and they will unhesitatingly confirm this. Artefacts may still exist in the form of older Malay newspapers (written in Jawi) that contain evidence of what I say here. If asking Utusan Melayu is a no-no for the blinkered lot, try the National Archives or even the British Records Office in London or the CIA archives, even! Wikileaks may not be privy to this, though.

What Mat Sabu said was just for political expediency, i.e. to be cynical towards UMNO. Once, like the older and probably mostly dead leaders of PAS, these members of PAS had refused to agree to the granting of citizenship to the non Malays. And neither is he one of the most articulate PAS politicians, nor an expert historian. So, we may forgive him for his utter ignorance, shallowness and untutored mind. Then again, he may not be ignorant, in which case he is simply a liar and will do anything to gain political power.

The question remains - can we trust a party like PAS? Mat Sabu's cynicism has distorted history (perhaps even deliberately) and has, therefore, caused uproar as well as created divisive debates among the Malays. We must hold him accountable for what he is trying to do. This is utter mischief!

Henceforth, it is therefore something that the enlightened, educated and responsible Facebookers and writers must do - i.e. to give the right perspective about the struggle for independence. If this is not done fast, once again mischievous personalities with dirty tricks will rise to deceive us all over again!

There is now no place in our society for narrow-minded chauvinism. The days of debate as to whether the Chinese, Indians and others of the Straits Settlements contributed to the economic growth of this beloved country are long over. They have all become citizens. They are now into their fourth or fifth generation. We must expose PAS for what it really stands for.

Mat Sabu has no principles. One day he can label Anwar Ibrahim as Al Juburi, now he is singing praises of that same person. Can we trust this guy? Tell the Facebookers the truth!


Anonymous said...

1. Did the communist lay down their arms after 1957 and work towards national development?

2. Where is the compassion of Mat Indera, killing 'bangsa sendiri", woman and chirldren.

3. After 1957 we know where the communist stand is, they want a communist country, so how can we now, still support them. This is a case where history teaches us.


No right minded Malaysia (left or right) can agree to.

rexuan said...

nice piece. luving it..

unfortunately i think, those anti- establishments will continue to harbor on this issue for their political gain.

hope no there'll be no change in our history book bcoz of this!