Thursday, September 22, 2011

Israel, US leading world to doom?

It is predicted that the Neocons - (chief among them being Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney, The Bushes, etc. are mostly Democrats, who now have Obama as their puppet President).

The democrats, who still dominate the US Foreign Policy, will persuade the USA not to support the application by Palestine to be a UN member. At least nine members of the UN Security Council which total 15 in all).

A rejection or failure by Palestine to join the UN as a sovereign state is expected to spark a wave of violence (some which will probably be goaded and staged by the notorious Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, MOSSAD) among those still living in the holy land.

This may be seen as a planned event similar to the visit of Al Aqsa Holy Mosque by the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, which started the Intifada. Needless to say that another wave of anticipated violence by the people of Palestine will help speed up the disguised ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by the Israeli regime and its Big Brother the USA once again, perhaps this time with a much bigger number of human lives at stake.

This is typical of devious plans to provide Israel and the Jewish Diaspora with excuses to attack the Palestinians with a view of taking over the entire country in order to expand and repossess the Kingdom Of Solomon.

According to literature and videos on YouTube this is nothing. If even the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York can be destroyed and the blame pinned on Muslims and "rogue states" as a plan to provide Israel and its puppet, the USA with an excuse to rob and kill, we should brace ourselves for extended and increased violence in Palestine and the Middle East.

Many say the nuclear bombing of Iran anytime in the next year or so (after the regime changes in Libya, Egypt and Syria) is more or less on its way to being executed. World War III has started?

And how do we react to this in Malaysia?

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