Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don’t half-bake FELDA listing

The listing of FELDA schemes is possibly for a stock exchange somewhere else, not necessarily the Bursa Malaysia.

Some put it as the work of a certain character, who had for some time been on the FELDA International Board of Directors, and privy to the good Prime Minister.

Other parties have expressed concern on this matter, and judging from what has been gathered, our source feels it is tantamount to political suicide to even attempt such an exercise.

This can be attributed to the fact that FELDA is a Bumiputera icon, which like MAS and Sime Darby, is potentially explosive if not properly handled.

Many have agreed that FELDA “is everyone or every Malay’s property,” if you know what it means.

There is an urgent need for more public discussions and deliberations before such an exercise be executed.

For one, the proposal MUST first be attempted involving a bigger and louder Malay intelligentsia. Academics, agronomists, economists, the EPU, professors, alumni members of associated bodies, etc MUST be consulted.

We do NOT need another hue and cry like what happened following the MASA-AirAsia deal.

The key is to be transparent and to show earnestness, as well as genuine motives for the good of those involved.

What dost thou thinkest?

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