Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bkt Kepong: Whats the issue with the flag?

So, the intransigent lot sharing Mat Sabu's views asked what flag the police station at Bukit Kepong flew when they were attacked.

NO, no Union Jack was hoisted and the question is downright irrelevant.

And even if they did would it have changed their stand in defending their lives against the ruthless commies?

Chin Peng, too, proudly fought under the shadow of the Union Jack against the Japanese. Why, for someone raised in Sitiawan or Dindings, he would, invariably have been a British citizen singing God Save the King!

He even had the audacity to be present in London for the parade after the war and decorated by the British government. Although, the deal with the British did not go through, he nevertheless held on to his British Medals and went on wreak havoc on the people of Malaya, who were going against the British for independence.

No, it was not about a flag. It was about a struggle for the masses- for the majority who wanted independence. It was about being tactful and smart in doing so.

There had been nationalist flags at that time but they were quite covertly displayed for known reasons.

Had Chin Peng, Mat Indera and their cohorts had any balls they would have targeted the Malaya Command in Gurney Road, KL instead. But, no, they didnt have
any and chose Malayans and defenceless women and babies for slaughter!

This blogger stands firm in support of the brave cops at Bukit Kepong, although a kinsman, PKM's Musa Ahmad was my grand uncle. Such familial ties do not forgive what he and his band of bandits did to Malayans.
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