Saturday, August 20, 2011

Proselytisation not allowed in Michigan, too?

Proselytisation is against the law in Malaysia, and for decades this has been respected by all.

However, of late there have been pockets of alleged transgressions of the law when Malay/Muslims have openly been proselytised and openly declare that they are apostates.

As such the time honoured law that has kept Malaysian living in tolerance and acceptance in spite of different religious convictions have been shattered by these scattered cases of intransigence.

If proselytisation of Muslims is illegal in Malaysia, there have been instances where it is not allowed, too in the western world.

Three missionaries arrested in Dearbon, Michigan
for proselytising Muslims

Some time ago on July 12, 2010, in Dearbon, Michigan four Christian missionaries were arrested by police for attempting to proselytise Muslims attending an Arab Far.

Similarly, On November 22, 2005 an Indonesian court denied the appeal of three Sunday school teachers convicted of preaching to Muslim children in western Java.

Three arrested for proselytising Muslims in Indonesia

These are examples of how the laws pertaining to proselytisation is being challenged.

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