Sunday, August 21, 2011

Opposition Now Equates Malaysia to India

The opposition is now happily drawing parallels with agitations in countries that show the slightest semblance of public discontent about their government to the situation in Malaysia.

Referring to the incidence of the most recent hunger strike in India by social activist Ana Hazare, the people in India have plenty of evidence to claim that social conditions in the country are unjust.

The gap between the rich and the average person is huge and still growing. Reasons are many, most of which stem from their own value systems. They worship the rich and despise the poor. But doesn’t the world do the same? Don’t the print media in all forms advocate the same?

Education and training has not helped the average person get out of poverty. It no longer is a guarantee for employment. Too many people end up unemployed. Life is a mad scramble and simply a savage competition against fellow human beings. Nowhere else on earth is this more clearly evident as in India.

BUT the whole world, because it has been cheated into believing that a free market democracy is the solution to class struggle, and because it has been coerced into using the non gold-backed US dollar as an international currency, and because the media has persuaded everyone to try be rich at any cost, is also in danger of seeing the eradication of the middle-class. What the practice of free market democracy does is to help create a society that has only TWO classes - the Extremely Rich AND the Average struggling-to- make-ends-meet person.

Going by the books written by Dr Amy Chua's "World on Fire" and those written by Mathias Chang, we will see that the world economic bubble has burst. The US Federal Reserve is not practical anymore. One nation after another is being discovered to have become bankrupt because whole societies have been persuaded that it is normal to live on credit.

Will Malaysia go the same way? The answer is - irrespective of which party or politician comes up next - yes! Unless we find an alternative economic model and live by it.

The very premise upon which the world economy operates today has created this savagery. Why blame just a few? Has everyone now forgotten God?


Anonymous said...

You tanya lah sama ambiguk, the samsu bar council, the kaki2 pkr yang bulan gelap....semua asal usul dari sana kan......DNA

benx08 said...

yeah i think so