Sunday, August 21, 2011

Opposition Now Equates Malaysia to India

The opposition is now happily drawing parallels with agitations in countries that show the slightest semblance of public discontent about their government to the situation in Malaysia.

Referring to the incidence of the most recent hunger strike in India by social activist Ana Hazare, the people in India have plenty of evidence to claim that social conditions in the country are unjust.

The gap between the rich and the average person is huge and still growing. Reasons are many, most of which stem from their own value systems. They worship the rich and despise the poor. But doesn’t the world do the same? Don’t the print media in all forms advocate the same?

Education and training has not helped the average person get out of poverty. It no longer is a guarantee for employment. Too many people end up unemployed. Life is a mad scramble and simply a savage competition against fellow human beings. Nowhere else on earth is this more clearly evident as in India.

BUT the whole world, because it has been cheated into believing that a free market democracy is the solution to class struggle, and because it has been coerced into using the non gold-backed US dollar as an international currency, and because the media has persuaded everyone to try be rich at any cost, is also in danger of seeing the eradication of the middle-class. What the practice of free market democracy does is to help create a society that has only TWO classes - the Extremely Rich AND the Average struggling-to- make-ends-meet person.

Going by the books written by Dr Amy Chua's "World on Fire" and those written by Mathias Chang, we will see that the world economic bubble has burst. The US Federal Reserve is not practical anymore. One nation after another is being discovered to have become bankrupt because whole societies have been persuaded that it is normal to live on credit.

Will Malaysia go the same way? The answer is - irrespective of which party or politician comes up next - yes! Unless we find an alternative economic model and live by it.

The very premise upon which the world economy operates today has created this savagery. Why blame just a few? Has everyone now forgotten God?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Proselytisation not allowed in Michigan, too?

Proselytisation is against the law in Malaysia, and for decades this has been respected by all.

However, of late there have been pockets of alleged transgressions of the law when Malay/Muslims have openly been proselytised and openly declare that they are apostates.

As such the time honoured law that has kept Malaysian living in tolerance and acceptance in spite of different religious convictions have been shattered by these scattered cases of intransigence.

If proselytisation of Muslims is illegal in Malaysia, there have been instances where it is not allowed, too in the western world.

Three missionaries arrested in Dearbon, Michigan
for proselytising Muslims

Some time ago on July 12, 2010, in Dearbon, Michigan four Christian missionaries were arrested by police for attempting to proselytise Muslims attending an Arab Far.

Similarly, On November 22, 2005 an Indonesian court denied the appeal of three Sunday school teachers convicted of preaching to Muslim children in western Java.

Three arrested for proselytising Muslims in Indonesia

These are examples of how the laws pertaining to proselytisation is being challenged.

Who is being ripped-off? TNB or consumers?

It is quite amusing to read newspaper reports about some people complaining how they have been ‘ripped-off’ by TNB when new electricity meters were installed at their houses.

What they say may hold some water, and talking about water this writer still remembers the time it was claimed that by placing a container of water on top of the metre, it would run slower, hence saving on electricity bills.

Also, earlier during the days of film photography and bromide I often saw folks inserting a piece of negative film at the back of the meter, the purpose of which was to reduce electricity billing, too.

So, you see, devious attempts to circumvent the metre have been around for decades, and it only proves further the claims by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) that electricity theft is rampant, especially among commercial users.

Fast forward to today’s era of high technology, and we hear of power thieves using elaborate measures and using high-tech equipment to steal electricity that caused losses amounting to millions of ringgit on the part of TNB.

So bent are some people on getting power freebies that there has been at least one case where the culprits even built a special ‘escape’ tunnel to remove the equipment used for stealing electricity whenever a raid was conducted.

Because of this the TNB has decided to wage war on power thieves. The company has begun to replace faulty or tampered metres from premises as well as to recalibrate existing metres. No sooner had they done this that people began to cry foul, complaining their readings have gone up and that TNB is ripping them off!

The truth is in the faulty metre. I would think it natural for billings to be higher now as compared to those recorded by faulty or tampered metres. So strident were the complaints that at least one company has taken TNB to court.

Perhaps, there could have been genuine cases of extreme over billing, especially among homeowners, but on the whole we would think that the complainants are just trying to push the ball back to the power company.

Some people will go to great pains to deny their misdeeds until they are shown proof, much like what happened recently when road users received traffic summonses and claimed that they had never broken the law – until they became red faced when shown the traffic photos.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mengapa Islam di Malaysia diperkotak-katikkan?

Tidak berapa lama dulu penulis ini pernah mempersoalkan beberapa tindakan bukan Melayu dan juga beberapa orang Melayu/Islam ‘liberal’ yang mengecam apa yang dianggap tindakan rasis dan diskriminasi.

Insiden-insiden yang dimaksudkan membabitkan pegangan dan amalan agama Islam di negara ini.

Terbaru yang menjadi kontroversi hangat tindakan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) membuat pemeriksaan ke atas majlis di Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama di Petaling Jaya berikutan aduan yang mendakwa terdapat sekumpulan orang Islam cuba dipengaruhi ajaran Kristian.

Terbaru kelmarin, Ahiruddin Atan yang mengendalikan blognya ‘Rocky Bru’ telah mempersoalkan tindakan akhbar arus perdana berbahasa Inggeris The Star menyiarkan sisipan mengenai hidangan Ramadan.

Yang memalukan dan dianggap begitu tidak sensitif di pihak akhbar tersebut apabila pada muka surat tujuh sisipan itu disiarkan promosi restoran baru ‘Morganfields’ yang memperkenalkan hidangan tulang rusuk babi yang ‘pasti akan menyeronokan deria rasa anda.’

Adakah ini sengaja atau pun jika tidak disengajakan, akhbar The Star hingga ke hari ini masih belum mengambil sebarang tindakan atau meminta maaf kepada orang Islam di Malaysia.

Apakah mereka begitu tidak sensitif terhadap sentimen orang Melayu/ Islam pada bulan mulia Ramadan? Begitu ironis sekali mereka yang turut melaung-laungkan slogan 1Malaysia dan mahukan kesamarataan hak dan lain-lain masih tidak berusaha untuk memahami sentimen keagamaan dan lunas-lunas yang perlu dihormati oleh orang Islam?
Bukan itu saja, awal Ramadan ini juga mereka membuat kecoh apabila TV8 menyiarkan sebuah klip perkhidmatan pengumuman awam (PSA) yang pada dasarnya bertujuan mengajar dan menasihati bukan Melayu supaya lebih hormat kepada orang Melayu/Islam yang mengerjakan ibadah puasa.

Klip tersebut, bagaimana pun disanggah dan dilabelkan sebagai rasis dan melampau kerana boleh menyentuh perasaan orang Cina. Apakah sensitiviti terhadap sesuatu hal hanya boleh dirasakan boleh mereka, walhal orang Melayu juga mempunyai sensitiviti?
Justeru disebabkan tentangan daripada bukan Melayu dan juga segelintir Melayu/Islam yang begitu terpengaruh dengan liberalisme dan pluralisme, pihak pengurusan 8TV terus menarik balik klip tersebut, walhal pada pendapat penulis ini mereka tidak perlu berbuat demikian.

Fahamilah apa sebenar satu 1Malaysia sebelum dengan gah menggunakannya sebagai alat untuk memperjuangkan hak-hak tertentu.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Obnoxious TV PSA? I think not

The public outrage directed at 8TV for what was claimed as the airing of a controversial Ramadan Public Service Announcement (PSA) is quite uncalled for.

The PSA which has been criticised for allegedly being stereotype and racist was a direct appeal for some pockets of the Malaysian society to respect the holy month of Ramadan.

This writer had quite recently pointed out about the insensitivity of the business sector when it comes to Ramadan.

Such things have been going on for much too long. The Islamic affairs authority has been keeping quiet, so quiet that this has gotten out of hand.

The truth is many a practising Muslim out there had taken offence when hotels, department stores, health spa and other unlikely business establishments hop on the Ramadan bandwagon to promote their special offers, which in many instances have nothing to do with the spirit of Ramadan, but instead is making a mockery of the holy month of all months in the Islamic calendar.

This is but one more step directed at the attrition of true Islamic values in the face of the so-called liberal and religious pluralism lot out there.

To those claiming to have been hurt, spare some thoughts to those of us who embrace the true spirit of Ramadan.

Rude, greedy and dressing inappropriately? Just look around you.