Friday, July 22, 2011

The differences (or similarities) between Ambiga and Ibrahim Ali

So, latest we hear about former Bar Council Chairman, Ambiga Sreevenasan being conferred an honorary doctorate by her tertiary alma mater, the University of Exeter in Britain.

Good for her, or maybe just good enough for her as she now stands head to head with the likes of Perkasa's President, Ibrahim Ali.

Many will scratch their heads trying to figure out how can this be, given that Ibrahim Ali has of late been painted as a character not fit for a civilised and liberal world, although it is anyone's guess whose world view has given rise to such portrayal.

As for Ambiga, Ibrahim's detractors will not hesitate to place her on a lofty pedestal and to endlessly lavish her with praises for having been able to stoop so low to the obvious agenda of the neo cons and liberals ensconced within some adventurous and imperialistic nations of the west.

This cleaning lady (BERSIH?) who had nurtured the idea based on the agenda of the purveyor of wars and destruction as can be seen in the likes of the dark subversive network of the NED, NDI and what not, has finally sold her soul to the devil by accepting the award.

Is it an honour to receive such a conferment from an exalted British university, which is Exeter? One can see it that way if one has blinkers on, but if one were to view things from a broader perspective, one will see that it is not all that honourable.

Why, even in the days of yore in jolly England, Queen Elizabeth I had the audacity to confer a knight ship to her favourite scoundrel, adventurer, poet, navigator and pirate, that was Sir Walter Raleigh. A knight ship for ravaging defenceless natives of another land and plundering wealthier neighbour states to enrich the English coffers.

And, so if the English Queen could award such a lofty title to Raleigh who graduated from Oxford University but used his academic mantle to plunder and ravage the Native Americans in the New World, what can we say about Ambiga being conferred the honorary doctorate from Exeter?

And what about the honour and adulation given to other infamous figures of the world? Why did Harvard University confer the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws on His Imperial Majesty, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shahanshah (King of Kings) of Iran, when it was well known how cruel and oppressive he had been to his people.

Also, what about the honorary doctorates and awards given to that infamous Communist leader (to the eyes of the west, no less), China's Mao Tse Tung, whom the Americans claimed have caused the death of more than 45 million people during its Great Leap Forward.

Ah, so they say Ambiga is fighting for freedom as well as free and fair election in Malaysia. Well, nothing much to go against that noble mission as it is granted that our election system is not perfect and there is much room for improvement. However, to get her gullible supporters to the streets to show how 'bad' the situation is, is very telling, indeed.

As for Ibrahim Ali, depending on from which side you view him, he could be seen as a figure fighting for equality for the Malays as well as defending its rightful ground. But, in spite of this, of course he is seen by many non-Malays as a racist, whatever that term means in this god forsaken century.

If a university wants to create something like the Ibrahim Ali Leadership award, so be it. Is it a crime to do so? It is all about perception…so they say.

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