Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chan Lillian Paints a Picture of Doom, Which is Not…

Christians being persecuted in Malaysia? What persecution?

It is all too easy to paint such a scenario just when the lot – the gullible lot in BERSIH and Pakatan Rakyat are so psyched up about their planned street demonstration on July 9.

And so, it is against this volatile background of unfounded agitation that a member of the DAP Penang Chief Minister’s communication outfit, Chan Lillian, sent out an evil tweet to call on Christians to march against what she painted as their persecution in Malaysia.

Well, going by the notion of unfettered freedom demanded by the ultra liberalists among the detractors in this country, she had the right to say whatever she wanted. That’s fine with me but she has to answer to the Lord, too, for lying and leading the faithful flock to unnecessary troubles and painting an evil picture of her neighbours of another faith.

Such an idiotic and unthinking outburst touched the nerves of many, including the Christians themselves, so much so that it moved blogger Tony Yew to lodge a police report yesterday.

What really pushed Tony to do it was the firm believe that no such persecutions had ever happened in Malaysia.

As for this Lillian, it is a shame that she had to resort to this to claim her 15-minutes of fame or notoriety, in this case.

As a mother of five that is her twitter namesake (@x5mom) I dread to think what she had inculcated in her children, whose skewed and bigoted views may have been passed far and wide within the extended family and their circle of friends.

This is glaring proof that the DAP has begun to resort to abusing religion to muster the false courage of their kind for the BERSIH rally next week.

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Anonymous said...

The subordinate reflects the boss, that a saying...and if is the media for LGE, then she is preaching the thoughts of her boss. This evidence enough tosay that is what LGE is thinking. All the meeting about pastors in Penang is right and trying to make christian the official religion of Malaysia is a submission of intent in her tweet.
She is endorsing the heart of LGE. We now know her face and hope LGE does not belittle her as she may (if she has) bring out some video on LGE and we have another case like D Trio....