Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And they have the audacity to call themselves Anak Bangsa Malaysia?

It is obvious they don’t even understand or even try to understand the rudiments of the religion professed by the majority of their fellow brothers and sisters in Malaysia.

Looks like they don’t have the faintest inkling of what Islam is besides the fluff they see before their eyes.

Why do I say this?

Just scan the newspaper advertisements and the billboards being put in the noble guise of ‘welcoming’ the holy month of Ramadan. What do you see?

It is obvious they fail to see what Ramadan means to Muslims the world over other than the popular notion that it is all about abstaining from food and pleasures of the flesh from dawn till dusk for 30 days.

Since weeks ago we could see some hotels unabashedly and stupidly advertise offers for discount coupons for’ buka puasa ‘(breaking of fast). Is that all they know about Ramadan despite being Malaysians all their life?

Then again, what about those who even go to the extend of offering special discounts for karaoke, body massage and even presumably liquid repast at the bar!

Beyond hotels we have at least one golf resort offering discounted tee-offs at noon during the auspicious month. Maybe it is meant for non Muslims, but if it is so, why the need to associate it with Ramadan? Would any Muslims in their right mind go golfing in the searing heat of the afternoon while fasting during Ramadan?

And what about those outlets offering deals on air conditioners, automobiles, facials, fashion apparels, nutritional supplement, etc?

On a pedestrian level these may be valid, but wither the noble spirit of Ramadan, which among other lofty things is to make one feel the sufferings of the poor, who have to go through hardship whether it is Ramadan or otherwise?

As a Muslim such things make me squirm uneasily. Is this the 1Malaysia we are talking about? Are these the voices of ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia?’

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