Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BERNAMA Erred, Rais Gets the Brunt of it

And so, here we go again. Is it round two or is it round four? I have lost count of the volleys and onslaughts by the detractors of Information Minister Datuk Dr Seri Rais Yatim to date.

It seems that almost whatever he did would, invariably, attract sarcasms or outright attacks by not only the opposition but the fifth columnists on the side of BN and the government.

But the thing is, although lengthy explanations were given to answer to the attacks, the rhythm of the offensives would still continue unabated.

Take for example the allegation of rape on the Indonesian maid? What gives when the woman herself had denied it ever happened and came out clean to substantiate that she had worked for good employers?

However, as Tun Dr Mahathir once said, if a lie is repeated again and again it may take a life of its own and ultimately be seen as the truth. This is what Rais’s enemies are doing. They will keep harping on it, reminding people about his foibles and alleged misdeeds, never mind that they were either white lies or mere fabrications.

So, we come to the much touted latest issue that claimed Rais approved the spending of RM100 million for the ‘Hari Seniman’ celebrations recently. The allegations said a whopping RM100 million, mind you.

Very unusually high amount for a day in commemoration of the artistes and creative folks among us. It would truly be a salute to their contributions and benevolence had it been, indeed, true. But it was not.

It so happened that the national news agency, BERNAMA, had erroneously reported the numbers. It could happen to anyone and it had again and again.

The number was much less, RM97, 655 to be exact, and not a mind boggling RM100 million!

But even that did not stop those on the other side and the turncoats among us to gloat over it. Why? Even until the time of writing this the staccato rhythm of the attacks have not lessen a bit.

Worse even when we see much respected journalist figures hopping on the bandwagon. Of course, they would not be able to accept it if we see them as practising gutter journalism, sour grapes journalism or plain malicious. No, they are too much above board in everything and consider themselves beyond reproach.

Why? In our haste to have them in our good books, they were even bestowed with lofty decorations such as datukships and the like. For what, I don’t know. Who was the smart Alec who recommended they be given such titles in the first place?

Back to the issue being harped…come on! It was a sensible amount and there is no call to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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