Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anwar in a fix: "A Case of the Tail Dogging the Wag'

In our minds the memory of the the alleged injection of the AIDS virus and arsenic into the body of Anwar Ibrahim while in prison still hold fresh.

The crafty character that he is, is now replaying the same script in the wake of a lengthy and exhaustive court deliberations over the sodomy II charge.

Anwar has directed his personal chauffeur to lodge a police report at 3.30 pm today at Balai Polis Tropicana over what he claimed as a plot to harm him.

He said efforts are underway to do him in by staging an accident. Earlier, he had claimed that his car was vandalised.

Such shallow efforts to divert attention from the real issue (or is it a dilemma that he is facing?), when he is obviously at wits end to answer the prosecution's offensive in court.

We will know of the court's decision on May 16.

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