Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Dawn for Sarawak under BN After April 16

When Sarawak goes to the polls on April 16, the change that awaits is much more than an imminent switch of the man at the helm.

It will be a sea change that will see the kicking-off of the second and more robust phase of development for this state with an exponential potential.

When Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud steps down the people of Sarawak will surely see what power they really hold in their hands to make things happen.

But change for the better can be realised sooner by voting in a proven administration under the political leadership of Barisan Nasional(BN).

For Sarawak to prosper in these turbulent and uncertain times there has to be a continuum – a perpetuation of will and effort by BN.

It is a reality that one should not change horses mid stream as we may never know how the rest of the journey will continue while fording the turbulent waters, unless we know the nature of the beast we are riding.

Hence, a gamble should not come into play neither by Sarawak BN nor by the people. Much is at stake here.

If some analysts were quick to conclude that the election this time is one that places the Chinese of Sarawak at the crossroads, I would certainly say that such assumption is not quite true although they hold some reckonable bargaining chips.

We must remember that Sarawak is a great model for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The myriad ethnic roots, the melting pot, the tolerance and the cross-cultural experience starkly displayed here through the decades heartily exemplifies the true spirit of 1Malaysia.

As such, the bargaining power is not totally in the hands of the Chinese, but also in the hands of the native Dayak, Melanau, Melayu and the other colourful ethnic groups.

It is because of this that Najib and his entourage have been making frequent visits to almost every nook and cranny of Sarawak long before the state assembly was dissolved and the state election called.

While BN focuses mainly in the outlying areas, Sarawak’s local-born political entity, the SUPP is going all out to win over the urban Chinese.

For that matter, do not just look the youthfulness of the Pakatan candidates. Look at the wisdom that the not-so-young-but-not-so-old candidates of the SUPP and the services that they have rendered.

Look at the likes of Professor Dr. Sim Kui Hian. He is not in this for the money or even name. He has enough of that as a world renowned cardiologist.

If people like him unselfishly shove aside self interest, what does it mean to the people of Sarawak?

Bring these two together, minus the Taib factor, which is now yesterday’s story, an important question arises. A question that must be answered sensibly by all the people of Sarawak.

Why allow the Pakatan cohort to dictate things? Why allow for them to decide what is best for Sarawak when it is so obvious that they cannot even cohabit peacefully with each other?

For those who have yet to understand what 1Malaysia mean, Sarawak is the answer.

There is so much tolerance and understanding here that it will be a shame to see the pattern of life taking a turn for the worse with the uninvited incursion of negative peninsula-based political ideals.

And so, come polling day, go forth and make that historical choice for Sarawak.

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Mohd said...

Look at Selangor, the Pakatan government dig up big holes and sell the sand to Singapore.
Look at Penang, where the Malays and Indians are chased out of their own lands.
Look at Kedah where the MB, his relatives and cronies rob the people of the states's money.
Look at Kelantan, where the Orang Asli lands are given to outsiders as Ladang Rakyat. And the Kelantanese are deprived of clean water ever since PAS's rule.
Do the Sarawakians want this?
If the answer is yes, vote for Pakatan Rakyat and you deserve it.