Friday, January 21, 2011

The Skewed & Convoluted Mind of Dr Azly Rahman

My answer to Dr Azly Rahman's latest volley here:

Racism does not begin from or with BTN.

BTN is not the entire society. Dr Azly Rahman is being naive and shallow by saying that.

Rascism is there in the vernacular education system, in the race-centric attitudes of the respective races, especially the insecure mindset of some descendants of the immigrant-originated races.

Secret societies called triads are mono-racial. These have led to all sorts of social problems,including human traffickng, drugs smuggling, and money laundering...all very serious social diseases - facets of which have creeped into popular culture and even proudly lauded by many present day youth.

Is he blind? Verily he is the one so obsessed with the so-called liberation of the Malays (only?). He is sub-consciously a rascist.

No doubt he is also out-dated.UiTM, MRSM, Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, etc are all now admitting non-Malays. He should remember that if the Malays were indeed racists, what happened to the non-Javanese in Java did not happen here.

Perhaps he may want to discuss his problems with author of WORLD ON FIRE by Dr Amy Chua?

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