Thursday, December 16, 2010

We muslims say that our religion Islam is superior...but of course!

And so it was reported (spinned?) by Malaysian Insider's Debra Chong today that Muslim scholars at a recent forum organised by the International Institute of Islamic Understanding (IKIM) declaring that Islam was superior.

But, of course. Isn't this the same as those who profess other faiths declaring the same thing about their religious conviction? So, what gives?

Was the writer trying hard to impose her blinkered views of religion on the others?

Saying that one's religion is the best within a forum for like-minded people (read: Muslims) is not wrong in any ways.

It is the same if a congregation of other faith listen to a sermon saying this or that religion is wrong, misled or even a product of satanic persuasions. They are saying it within the perimeters of their caucus, so why in the world would anyone be bothered?

It is the colouring of such innocuous statements, especially by members of the press corp that causes confusion and provoke anger among the people.

Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) president Reverend Thomas Phillips, who commented on this was reported to have said, “It’s just a theological stand and everybody, every religion has its own.”

Hence, it that was the case why would the reporter ramble on about Phillips noting the remarks were provocative and could nip the budding relationship between the Muslim community and others?

As a man of god I don't think Reverend Phillips even thought about such things. I believe he is too wise to bother, not unless the writer took it upon herself to ad lib the comment out of context...

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