Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rejection of new Selangor State Secretray shows fear, no less...

Whats the big deal?

The appointment of the new Selangor State Secretary is the legal prerogative of the Chief Secretary.

The incoming chap, Datuk Mohd Khusrin is a true-blue government servant who operates by the rule, so why pick on him?

For the boisterous Pakatan people in Selangor, why not for once think out of the box and go round the problem? Just work with the man and serve the people, rather than to be bogged down with the issue of 'their man and our man.'

Please do not let the people of Selangor suffer just because you want everything to your liking and preference. We practice a federal system, remember?

The resentment, I believe, stems from the fact that Khusrin was the head of JAIS just when the many fiascoes over Islamic matters reared its ugly head in Selangor. Hence, this chap is a convenient fall guy or scapegoat, which ever way one looks at it.

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