Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Batu Sapi: Opposition campaigners barred from entering Kg Istimewa

Folks at Kampung Istimewa in Batu Sapi, Sandakan found it more convenient to ban opposition party campaigners from entering the village.

This surely had upset the Pakatan Rakyat coalition camp as well as SAPP.

If it's people power, why are they complaining? Isn't it so obvious they are only happy when the rakyat blindly follow THEM? Are they not condescending now?

Their philosophy that the majority is always right stinks though. As a God fearing person, we know God has from the time of Adam been passing the message of religious knowledge to Mankind, but the majority has always chosen to deny it or ignore it.

So much for the righteousness of the Majority. In this country, our Rukun Negara tells us to first accept that we all must accept and believe in a God Creator. This is the first statement in Rukun negara.

All Divine religions advocate social justice, though not necessarily in the way their perverted minds interpret that. Its mainly those who support the likes of Kit Siang and Karpal who don't believe in Divine Revelation.

Anyway, who are they to pass moral judgment? Like someone said, going by their advocation of meting out justice by Meritocracy, were the US universities to now faithfully implement that, U.S. universities would not have any place for U.S. students and instead they would be full of ONLY those from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Israel , Germany etc.

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