Friday, October 15, 2010

To Azmin Gobala is nothing more than a pariah

PKR's contender for the party's no. 2 position Azmin Ali could have been proud to be called a loose cannon in politics, if one looks at it from a different perspective.

It could connote a certain bravado and macho individualistic characteristic. However, when it comes to Azmin such praises are earned all for the wrong reasons.

They say power is nothing without control, as such Azmin's intransigence is slowly creating a personal island on which he stands that may just place him as a political castaway within the ranks of PKR, or even Pakatan Rakyat.

Calling Padang Serai PKR MP Gobalakrishna a pariah only reflects the rotten stuff that he was born with. Whats with this guy, Azmin?

As an aspirant for PKR's no. 2, who is fighting hands and teeth to clinch sweet victory, trampling the rights of the others in the competition for position in the so-called reformist party, he sure lacked tact and human skills and instead proven to posses inherent racist traits in his persona both as a person and a politician.

What happened to Gobala is yet another proof of how Azmin uses the notion of fairness, liberalism and equality for all Malaysians as just a facade that hides his true self - a racist no less.

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