Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pro-government bloggers are always against abuse and corruption

Looking at things objectively about current going ons, it is only proof that the pro-government bloggers are always against abuse and corruption, but they don't gloat like most of their counterparts in the opposition, who are really good at that!

We thank them for trying to ride on our hard efforts to fight corruption.

The war against corruption is not the monopoly of the opposition. On the side of the Government, it is even institutionalized so that it carries it out professionally and far more effectively by training specially chosen people to fight evil manipulators and perpetrators.

However, no matter how hard they try, all they get are loads of vitriolic criticisms. It is really a thankless job

When the MACC or the Auditor General do their job, they do not chose sides. On the other hand, has the Selangor or Penang government been audited yet? And the main concern is: are they sure they are fighting corruption? Or is it merely a ploy to gain power?

Are their bloggers sure evil politicians are not using their naievity for political advantage? Is there no cronyism in the DAP, PAS, and PKR? Aren't Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang overstaying their welcome?

What about the recent crisis in Perak?

We have observed worse things in Selangor and Penang since 2008, with numerous issues being exposed - stealing of sand, abuse of official letter heads,etc.