Monday, October 25, 2010

Of voter's apathy and disgust in Batu Sapi

No luxuries for this blogger in Batu Sapi. Accommodation is a spartan dig in downtown Sandakan where the poorer people go.For walkabouts, well its just walking and taking the mini buses, choked by diesel fumes that blow in your face.

But, I guess this is the best way to go to savor and feel the real heartbeat of the place in the run up to the Batu Sapi by-election.

A ramble through the boisterous town centre, rubbing shoulders with the PATIs who commute daily from the outlying islands to sell whatever they can in this here parts and watching how the common folks go through their daily grind, one can see where the Opposition lot is coming from.

Spoke to a small cross section of the people and all I hear were laments and incredulity. Apathy seems to rule, as either they are ignorant of what is going on politically here, or they have just resigned themselves to whatever fate and destiny dictate.

The Chinese traders - the real ones who ensconced themselves in the alley ways or holding on to rebuilt second world war enterprises founded by their fathers and grand fathers, the strain is again of repressed anger. At a kopitiam just off Jalan Pryer, Mr Foo poured out his disgust for what he claimed to be the name of Sabah politics being played over and over again- MONEY.

Mr Foo held no punches. Shrugging his shoulders he said, "election time, they come give this and that, we people take la...but you think we vote for them, ah? What you think?"

After getting similar reactions from several others elsewhere, I guess the fight will be tough for PBS and BN, although it is not too late to repent.

Outside the landed circle, Datin Linda is but a distant star, devoid of radiance that could reach the masses from her lofty social and political heights in the Land below the Wind.The notion that her being named came as a great 'tai-chi' move could be true at this juncture, but not because she she has what it takes to win, but because the detractors are ill formed and in disarray.

But, on the other side it will also not be easy, with Yong Teck Lee going it alone with his SAPP and grumbles from the PKR lot, who just hated the fact that Ansari Abdullah has been given the baton.

Surely looks like the days ahead are yet undefined despite intense campaigning that will kick off soon after nominations tomorrow morning. The candidates will spew promises with endless baby hugging and hand pumping, but beyond that facade are lots of uncertainties. The only sure side are the voters.

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