Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A note to Serdang MP Teoh Nie Ching

Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching said, "...from a Christian point of view, a place of worship should welcome anyone of any faith as it was a chance for anyone to know more about a particular religion."

Well, that is a Christian point of view, dear YB. What you did was to transgress upon what any sensible Malay Muslims in Malaysia would look upon as an act of disrespect. And you have the audacity to pick on a Christian POV to justify your action? Wrong move again.

Can you come clean with your conscience that your presence at the inner sanctum of the said surau was to know more about Islam? Please spare me this. You are a politician and we all know what politicians are like, especially those in the likes of you, who would jump at any opportunity for cheap publicity.

For your information, mosques in Malaysia frown if not forbid politically-motivated acts by any of its kariah members or congregation. Should they want to do it they have to do it outside of the perimeters of the that hallowed place of worship.

And dont you dare tell me that a Muslim Malay views of how a mosque or surau be treated be dictated from a Christian perspective. That is just not right. It only reflects how you have not leaarned even a wee bit about our sensitivities.

And what about your implying that the Malays and Muslims practise black magic to have non Muslims come into Islam? That is downright seditious. Islam never at any point allow the practise of black magic or satanic rites. Care to elaborate on what you said, then?

YB, all in all what I can say is that as a Member of Parliament of Serdang you have a long way to go really represent the whole spectrum of your constituency.

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