Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nazri: another chameleon in Najib's midst

What is it with the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Nazri?

His attempt at political volte face may not easily absolve him from his earlier diatribes that among others included saying the National Civics Bureau, BTN needed to revamp its controversial co-curriculum to be in line with the 1Malaysia concept. He said this last year, if I am not mistaken sometime in November.

After provoking a backlash from many parties, this chameleon like UMNO "stalwart" and a "true blue" 1Malaysia politician to boot (so he claimed), he now comes around to defend BTN and rubbished claims that its programmes promoted racism.

But, of course, BTN had never been racist all along. All the hoo-haa came from those who had a marked distaste of seeing or hearing Malays claiming their birthright as indicated by the Constitution.

Nazri's latest stand was by saying that the cases involving BTN were isolated incidents and were not orchestrated by the institution itself.

Maybe Nazri has come to his senses at last, but knowing the unpredictability of his temperament, I would not bet on it just yet.

Perhaps, I may give him leeway as a Muslim and a Malay but then again, its best we be ever more wary of his next move.

In his attempt to correct his earlier indiscretion and foot-in-mouth affliction Nazri today told reporters that the were no modules in BTN which promoted racism.

He said "...we have to look at the what the issue was here." In the present case when a BTN contract officer was taken to task for allegedly saying something racist, he blamed it in the personnel.

What Nazri said during the last few days had earned him brownie points among BTN's detractors, especially the Opposition. Short of hugging and kissing him they applauded his saying "I'm Malaysian first, Malay second."

Now that Nazri has come full circle, will his new-found friends in the Opposition and the pockets of cross-eyed and blinkered Malaysians rush to congratulate him? No, of course not. That will not do.

He has to entrench himself in the firing position of BTN detractors to redeem his credits.

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hahn said...

Mangkuk ni dah macam Zaid aku tengok pendapatnya.

Amat merbahaya untuk orang Melayu dan Malaysia keseluruhannya.