Monday, October 11, 2010

Gutter journalism among 'prominent' bloggers have to stop!

It has been over two days that blogger Rocky echoed and amplified allegations about Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Datuk Seri Rais Yatim allocating parcels of the 2.6MHz spectrum to some parties, including his flesh and blood.

It was a rumour and a nasty one at that. This blogger does not know DS Rais personally, save for the several times I had to interview him through the years as a journalist.

Of course, it is ok for journalists to question a minister about such things, but then again, do conform to journalistic ethics and have the courtesy to meet up with him to clarify the matter.

It is hitting below the belt when respected journalists join the gutter folks to have the man in their cross hair just because some smart alec journalist 'broke' the so-called story based on pure rumour.

After reading a multitude of comments either supporting or opposing the 'accusation' in at least two blogs, I have even been informed by another blogger that Big Dog, had even declared he was willing to face the police.

Now, questions, all answered are wildly flying all over as to where this nasty rumour would finally come to roost.

If it stays at that, I suppose it is just another poor attempt at pandering to some unsavory parties in the run up to the UMNO Pemilihan next year to move DS Rais out of the way and nudge someone else to fill the void.

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