Saturday, October 30, 2010

He keeps falling, this Ansari...

When he fell the first time, his spin was that the BN government did not do its job in helping with basic infrastructure on the islands of Batu Sapi.

But, then PKR’s candidate for the P185 Batu Sapi parliamentary seat Ansari Abdullah fell yet AGAIN the second time yestarday at 3.45 p.m. Now, how will he spin that?

Funny thing was the platform, gangplank and walkway at the villages did not give way when locals as well as BN campaigners used it umpteen times daily. So, what’s with this Ansari guy?

Could his falling into the sea be a portentious sign of the shape of things to come for not only the PKR candidate in Batu Sapi, but also Sabah state?

Last Wednesday Ansari, his campaign manager Oting Enchi and an NTV&7 broadcast journalist were unceremoniously dunked into the sea when a wooden bridge gave way.

“Never underestimate such omens,” so said folks living in the area.

Maybe it is true, as for centuries, they have lived off the islands and the seas in these area and through all those time their culture had tightly embraced the real world and that of the spirits and fairies. They know better, I suppose.

Today’s mishap happened when Ansari and his entourage, which included the Menteri Besar of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim were in the midst of their house to house campaign rounds at Kampung Gas.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Of voter's apathy and disgust in Batu Sapi

No luxuries for this blogger in Batu Sapi. Accommodation is a spartan dig in downtown Sandakan where the poorer people go.For walkabouts, well its just walking and taking the mini buses, choked by diesel fumes that blow in your face.

But, I guess this is the best way to go to savor and feel the real heartbeat of the place in the run up to the Batu Sapi by-election.

A ramble through the boisterous town centre, rubbing shoulders with the PATIs who commute daily from the outlying islands to sell whatever they can in this here parts and watching how the common folks go through their daily grind, one can see where the Opposition lot is coming from.

Spoke to a small cross section of the people and all I hear were laments and incredulity. Apathy seems to rule, as either they are ignorant of what is going on politically here, or they have just resigned themselves to whatever fate and destiny dictate.

The Chinese traders - the real ones who ensconced themselves in the alley ways or holding on to rebuilt second world war enterprises founded by their fathers and grand fathers, the strain is again of repressed anger. At a kopitiam just off Jalan Pryer, Mr Foo poured out his disgust for what he claimed to be the name of Sabah politics being played over and over again- MONEY.

Mr Foo held no punches. Shrugging his shoulders he said, "election time, they come give this and that, we people take la...but you think we vote for them, ah? What you think?"

After getting similar reactions from several others elsewhere, I guess the fight will be tough for PBS and BN, although it is not too late to repent.

Outside the landed circle, Datin Linda is but a distant star, devoid of radiance that could reach the masses from her lofty social and political heights in the Land below the Wind.The notion that her being named came as a great 'tai-chi' move could be true at this juncture, but not because she she has what it takes to win, but because the detractors are ill formed and in disarray.

But, on the other side it will also not be easy, with Yong Teck Lee going it alone with his SAPP and grumbles from the PKR lot, who just hated the fact that Ansari Abdullah has been given the baton.

Surely looks like the days ahead are yet undefined despite intense campaigning that will kick off soon after nominations tomorrow morning. The candidates will spew promises with endless baby hugging and hand pumping, but beyond that facade are lots of uncertainties. The only sure side are the voters.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mereka hanya melihat keketoran dan keburukan dalam UMNO

Tidak, UMNO bukan kotor. UMNO hanya sekadar nama sebuah pertubuhan yang hakikatnya tidak bernafas walaupun mempunyai keupayaan untuk berubah, membesar dan membangun.

Tetapi, mereka yang mencemuh dan mengutuk orang Melayu tidak dapat lari daripada merelakan gravitasi membawa segala-galanya kepada satu lakaran bahawa yang jahat itu UMNO.

Jika diamati di sebalik retorik yang di sampaikan sempena Perhimpunan UMNO 2010 di PWTC sejak tiga hari lalu, kita dapat melihat di beberapa penjuru ahli biasa - ahli biasa daripada seluruh pelosok negara. Dari kampung-kampung terpencil dari kawasan-kawasan pedalaman yang bersusah payah datang ke Kuala Lumpur untuk mendengar apa yang disuarakan pemimpin parti.

Ratusan makcik-mak cik, mak teh, pak long, ada yang bertongkat, ada yang cacat, ada yang tidak dapat melihat bersejukan dilantai mar-mar tekun dan taat menghayati apa hala tuju parti kesayangan mereka itu.

Inilah yang ingin saya gemakan ekoran posting blogger Jebat Must Die di sini.

Inilah UMNO sebenar yang menjadi antara persada perjuangan Melayu.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saman saja Malaysian Insider...

Baru sebentar tadi blogger ini mendengar perbahasan ucapan dasar Ketua Puteri UMNO Malaysia di Perhimpunan Agung Pergerakan Puteri UMNO di Dewan Tun Hussein Onn, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC).

Syabas perlu diberikan kepada pembahas Puteri Kedah itu kerana begitu mulia mempertahankan BTN berikutan peristiwa yang membabitkan seorang pegawai BTN semasa berceramah di satu sessi TERTUTUP, tetapi dibolos masuk secara BIADAB oleh seorang wartwan Malaysian Insider yang tidak ber-etika dan seterusnya membuat cerita tak sedap.

Bagaimana pun, selain mempertahankan BTN, alangkah lebih baik lagi jika Puteri UMNO membawa akhbar online itu ke mahkamah kerana menceroboh?

Monday, October 18, 2010

The views of a constipated mind - Tony Pua's


That was the state of DAP's Tony Pua's mind when he accused Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak of using " rhetoric and falsehood" to evoke anger among Malay civil servants to ensure their continued allegiance and support for the Government.

He said, "the Prime Minister revealed his true self when he took to task government officers who did not show blind allegiance to UMNO."

Pua was referring to Najib's speech when launching an UMNO Club for retired senior government officers Seri Perdana recently.

The bigoted mind of this DAP National Publicity Secretary dimly construed what Najib said as reflecting himself as "PERKASA's" true warrior."

And according to Pua, it was because of this that Najib avoided from directly criticising PERKASA.

With such a closed mind, is it any surprise that Pua spewed such shallow and misguided views?...never mind that his consipated mind is a product of Oxford University's Keble College.

What a shame...

Friday, October 15, 2010

To Azmin Gobala is nothing more than a pariah

PKR's contender for the party's no. 2 position Azmin Ali could have been proud to be called a loose cannon in politics, if one looks at it from a different perspective.

It could connote a certain bravado and macho individualistic characteristic. However, when it comes to Azmin such praises are earned all for the wrong reasons.

They say power is nothing without control, as such Azmin's intransigence is slowly creating a personal island on which he stands that may just place him as a political castaway within the ranks of PKR, or even Pakatan Rakyat.

Calling Padang Serai PKR MP Gobalakrishna a pariah only reflects the rotten stuff that he was born with. Whats with this guy, Azmin?

As an aspirant for PKR's no. 2, who is fighting hands and teeth to clinch sweet victory, trampling the rights of the others in the competition for position in the so-called reformist party, he sure lacked tact and human skills and instead proven to posses inherent racist traits in his persona both as a person and a politician.

What happened to Gobala is yet another proof of how Azmin uses the notion of fairness, liberalism and equality for all Malaysians as just a facade that hides his true self - a racist no less.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pro-government bloggers are always against abuse and corruption

Looking at things objectively about current going ons, it is only proof that the pro-government bloggers are always against abuse and corruption, but they don't gloat like most of their counterparts in the opposition, who are really good at that!

We thank them for trying to ride on our hard efforts to fight corruption.

The war against corruption is not the monopoly of the opposition. On the side of the Government, it is even institutionalized so that it carries it out professionally and far more effectively by training specially chosen people to fight evil manipulators and perpetrators.

However, no matter how hard they try, all they get are loads of vitriolic criticisms. It is really a thankless job

When the MACC or the Auditor General do their job, they do not chose sides. On the other hand, has the Selangor or Penang government been audited yet? And the main concern is: are they sure they are fighting corruption? Or is it merely a ploy to gain power?

Are their bloggers sure evil politicians are not using their naievity for political advantage? Is there no cronyism in the DAP, PAS, and PKR? Aren't Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang overstaying their welcome?

What about the recent crisis in Perak?

We have observed worse things in Selangor and Penang since 2008, with numerous issues being exposed - stealing of sand, abuse of official letter heads,etc.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RPK melihat UMNO lebih hebat daripada PKR

Antara postnya dalam Malaysia-Today hari ini, Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), melahirkan kekesalan melihat PKR tidak lain daripada sebuah parti politik yang digerakan oleh individu-individu yang tiada berprinsip dan tidak berintegriti.

Dua post berturut-turut dalam portal yang dikendalikannya itu seolah-olah membayangkan dia bersedia untuk bekerjasama dengan UMNO - dengan UMNO dan BUKAN dengan individu-individu yang masih cuba meruntuhkan ideologi perjuangan bangsa Melayu itu.

Bagaimana pun, pihak yang dimaksudkan perlu berhati-hati melangkah dalam soal ini setelah ramai yang amat masak dengan taktik licik RPK tu.

Ku Li menggalas BN di Galas

Menarik sorotan Aspan Alias (sini) mengenai pendirian Ku Li yang perlu digalas di PRK Galas!

Memang saya rasa amat tepat sekali sebagaimana diperjelaskan oleh Ku Li semalam. Beliau akur dengan peranan dan tugas yang diberikan tetapi dengan syarat segala-galanya diserahkan kepadanya tanpa campur tangan orang lain.

Nampaknya Ku Li meniup angin segar dalam pendekatan BN kali ini. Saya berasa bagus sekali saranan beliau supaya tidak lagi diwujudkan pusat berhimpun di kawasan berkenaan untuk pemimpin luar bertemu penyokong dan membuat bayaran titik peluh :)

Press Statement from MCMC on the allocation of the 2600MHz spectrum


The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has started spectrum re-farming exercise and processes as part of its efforts to enhance the utilisation of spectrum and to facilitate the roll out of next generation mobile network services.

The exercise involved the following bands:

i) 700MHz;
ii) 800MHz;
iii) 850MHz;
iv) 900MHz;
v) 1800MHz; and
vi) 2600MHz

Following the exercise, MCMC has decided to give focus to the allocation of the 2600MHz band to pave the way for the early adoption of long-term evolution (LTE) or 4G, and other new technologies and to prepare the service providers for the rollout and implementation of these services to end-users.

After a consultative and deliberation process with various technical groups, it was decided that the assignment of 2600MHz to be given to nine (9) companies who are license holders that meet the set requirements.

The allocation of the assignment is done in accordance to the provisions of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA).

The companies include incumbents (existing 3G and WiMAX players) and a new entrant: They are:

i) Celcom Axiata Berhad;
ii) Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd;
iii) DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd;
iv) U-Mobile Sdn Bhd;
v) Asiaspace Sdn Bhd;
vi) Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd;
vii) RedTone Marketing Sdn Bhd;
viii) YTL Communications Sdn Bhd; and
ix) Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd.

The committee had identified these companies as having the ability to promote innovation and to provide seamless continuity of existing services using new technologies. MCMC also recognizes the contributions made by the wireless service providers towards the fulfilling the objectives of the National Broadband Initiatives.

The companies are required to pay fees in order to use the spectrum band and will NOT receive grants of any kind from MCMC or the Universal Service Provision (USP) Fund for the utilization of the spectrum. The USP Fund is for the development and deployment of communications facilities for rural development.

MCMC has issued letters to the license holders on the allocation of the 2600MHz spectrum band for rolling out wireless broadband service using 4G technology by 1 January 2013. The assignment of the 2600MHz spectrum band will be based on the merit of the Detailed Business Plans (DBP) to be submitted by the license holders to meet the requirements of the allocation.

The assignment of the spectrum band is by way of apparatus assignment and MCMC has the right to withdraw the assigned spectrum at any time if companies fail to comply with the set terms and conditions.

Among the key requirements in the assignment of spectrum are roll out targets and their roles as promoter and developer of applications and contents that will help build a ubiquitous Malaysia lifestyle by 2020.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saya cabar orang Melayu meluangkan sehari mengenali musuh dalam alam siber

Pilihanraya Umum 2008 dah lama berlalu dan keputusan yang diperolehi sepatutnya amat mengejutkan orang Melayu.

Sepanjang lebih dua tahun ini, heboh kita mendengar keluhan beberapa badan yang memperjuangkan kedudukan dan kebajikan Melayu tak kering gusi mengupas dan menyerlahkan pelbagai isu yang seharusnya menyentak semua lapisan masyarakat Melayu, dan bukan hanya orang UMNO.

Keputusan PRU 2008 perlu mengejutkan semua Melayu, tidak kira sama ada Melayu yang menyokong UMNO atau Melayu yang menyokong PKR, DAP atau PAS. Hakikatnya, perpecahan Melayu dalam berusaha memberi sokongan kepada pembangkang satu kejadian yang amat menyedihkan.

Daripada cuba membetulkan pelbagai kepincangan dalam UMNO sebagai teras perjuangan hak Melayu, mereka membelakangi bangsa sendiri dan memberi sokongan padu kepada pihak yang menentang.

Dan sekarang, apabila negara bakal menghadapi satu lagi pilihanraya umum, keadaan masih tidak berubah dengan orang Melayu rata-rata begitu alpa. Mereka terus alpa dan-seolah-olah amat benak hati untuk menyedari dilema yang menghantui kita.

Satu faktor yang menyebakan kebenakkan orang Melayu, terutama di kawasan luar bandar ialah sikap acuh-tak acuh untuk mengambil tahu apa yang berlaku di alam siber - dalam internet.

Walaupun kerajaan telah membelanjakan berbilion untuk membangunkan pelbagai kaedah IT termasuk rangkaian jalur lebar, kemudahan itu digunakan, tetapi bukan sebenarnya untuk meneruskan perjuangan Melayu, tetapi sekadar beriadah secara songsang di alam maya dengan menggunakan pelbagai kaedah rangkaian sosial Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube dan lain-lain.

Tuhan telah memberikan kita pelbagai kaedah tersebut untuk dimanfaat secara terbaik, tetapi tidak dipedulikan.

Jika pun kebanyakan Melayu luar bandar (atau pun di bandar) melayari internet melalui segala kemudahan mobile broadband atau talian tetap, namun apa yang paling tertarik pada mereka ialah beriadah. Mereka terus tersisih daripada arus deras hasutan dan cercaan terhadap bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam yang mencurah-curah dipostkan dalam blog dan laman-laman web.

Kalau orang Melayu dibandar dan di kampung meluangkan hanya SATU hari melayari laman-laman yang mencerca dan memaki hamun orang Melayu dan agama Islam setiap saat, saya yakin dan percaya mereka akan sedar apa bahaya yang dihadapi.

Oleh yang demikian apa kata kalau saya cabar UMNO, PKR, dan PAS berkempen untuk mewujudkan satu hari membantu seluruh orang Melayu menyedari apa bentuk ancaman yang sedang menghadapi seluruh bangsa kita?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gutter journalism among 'prominent' bloggers have to stop!

It has been over two days that blogger Rocky echoed and amplified allegations about Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Datuk Seri Rais Yatim allocating parcels of the 2.6MHz spectrum to some parties, including his flesh and blood.

It was a rumour and a nasty one at that. This blogger does not know DS Rais personally, save for the several times I had to interview him through the years as a journalist.

Of course, it is ok for journalists to question a minister about such things, but then again, do conform to journalistic ethics and have the courtesy to meet up with him to clarify the matter.

It is hitting below the belt when respected journalists join the gutter folks to have the man in their cross hair just because some smart alec journalist 'broke' the so-called story based on pure rumour.

After reading a multitude of comments either supporting or opposing the 'accusation' in at least two blogs, I have even been informed by another blogger that Big Dog, had even declared he was willing to face the police.

Now, questions, all answered are wildly flying all over as to where this nasty rumour would finally come to roost.

If it stays at that, I suppose it is just another poor attempt at pandering to some unsavory parties in the run up to the UMNO Pemilihan next year to move DS Rais out of the way and nudge someone else to fill the void.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nazri: another chameleon in Najib's midst

What is it with the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Nazri?

His attempt at political volte face may not easily absolve him from his earlier diatribes that among others included saying the National Civics Bureau, BTN needed to revamp its controversial co-curriculum to be in line with the 1Malaysia concept. He said this last year, if I am not mistaken sometime in November.

After provoking a backlash from many parties, this chameleon like UMNO "stalwart" and a "true blue" 1Malaysia politician to boot (so he claimed), he now comes around to defend BTN and rubbished claims that its programmes promoted racism.

But, of course, BTN had never been racist all along. All the hoo-haa came from those who had a marked distaste of seeing or hearing Malays claiming their birthright as indicated by the Constitution.

Nazri's latest stand was by saying that the cases involving BTN were isolated incidents and were not orchestrated by the institution itself.

Maybe Nazri has come to his senses at last, but knowing the unpredictability of his temperament, I would not bet on it just yet.

Perhaps, I may give him leeway as a Muslim and a Malay but then again, its best we be ever more wary of his next move.

In his attempt to correct his earlier indiscretion and foot-in-mouth affliction Nazri today told reporters that the were no modules in BTN which promoted racism.

He said "...we have to look at the what the issue was here." In the present case when a BTN contract officer was taken to task for allegedly saying something racist, he blamed it in the personnel.

What Nazri said during the last few days had earned him brownie points among BTN's detractors, especially the Opposition. Short of hugging and kissing him they applauded his saying "I'm Malaysian first, Malay second."

Now that Nazri has come full circle, will his new-found friends in the Opposition and the pockets of cross-eyed and blinkered Malaysians rush to congratulate him? No, of course not. That will not do.

He has to entrench himself in the firing position of BTN detractors to redeem his credits.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A note to Serdang MP Teoh Nie Ching

Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching said, "...from a Christian point of view, a place of worship should welcome anyone of any faith as it was a chance for anyone to know more about a particular religion."

Well, that is a Christian point of view, dear YB. What you did was to transgress upon what any sensible Malay Muslims in Malaysia would look upon as an act of disrespect. And you have the audacity to pick on a Christian POV to justify your action? Wrong move again.

Can you come clean with your conscience that your presence at the inner sanctum of the said surau was to know more about Islam? Please spare me this. You are a politician and we all know what politicians are like, especially those in the likes of you, who would jump at any opportunity for cheap publicity.

For your information, mosques in Malaysia frown if not forbid politically-motivated acts by any of its kariah members or congregation. Should they want to do it they have to do it outside of the perimeters of the that hallowed place of worship.

And dont you dare tell me that a Muslim Malay views of how a mosque or surau be treated be dictated from a Christian perspective. That is just not right. It only reflects how you have not leaarned even a wee bit about our sensitivities.

And what about your implying that the Malays and Muslims practise black magic to have non Muslims come into Islam? That is downright seditious. Islam never at any point allow the practise of black magic or satanic rites. Care to elaborate on what you said, then?

YB, all in all what I can say is that as a Member of Parliament of Serdang you have a long way to go really represent the whole spectrum of your constituency.

BN perlu bertanding di Galas

Saranan Ahli Parlimen Kulim-Bandar Baharu, Zulkifli Noordin supaya diberi laluan kepada PAS di PRK DUN Galas satu pemikiran yang cetek.

Rasional kononnya bagi memelihara perpaduan demi ukhuwah Islamiah tidak relevan kerana ia tidak mencerminkan penggarapan ke arah memantapkan sistem demokrasi di Malaysia.

Jika kita akur dengan cadangan Zulkifli itu, apa kesudahannya dengan masa depan demokrasi di Malaysia? Apa akhirnya akan berlaku memandangkan sekarang pun demokrasi dibicara dan menjadi bantal tinju oleh pelbagai pihak.

Bagaimana Zulkifli boleh berkata saranannya itu sebagai satu strategi pandang jauh?

Pilihanraya jangan lagi dilihat sebagai medan perbalahan, tetapi satu saluran yang sihat. Ia akan hanya memecah belahkan orang melayu jika niat seseorang atau sesuatu pihak untuk bertanding terbabas daripada tata susila dan peradaban. Saya yakin Islam tidak melarang pertandingan untuk memilih kepimpinan. Yang dilarang hanya kaedah yang diambil ke arah merealisasikan matlamat.

Kalau BN menang di Galas, buat masa ini sememangnya Kelantan masih berada di tangan PAS, tetapi setidak-tidaknya berganjak lagi parti komponen itu dalam menambah suara dan tenaga pembangkang di Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Politik di Kelantan di antara BN dan PAS masakini tidak boleh dilihat sebagai sekadar matlamat untuk menguasai kemenangan secara keseluruhan. Apa yang penting memberi pilihan kepada pengundi dan disamping itu bertindak sebagai di antara komponen pengimbangan 'check and balance.'

"Menang sorak, kampung tergadai," kata Zulkifli. Apa yang tergadai jika hati kita ikhlas?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kalau acara tu tertutup, tertutup la...tak faham-faham, ke?

Haa, dah dia orang mula mempersoalkan pula mengapa tak boleh melaporkan tentang acara tertutup, seperti mana wartawan murahan The Malaysian Insider, Boo Su-Lyn tanpa beretika dan tidak sopan menyamar diri masuk ke majlis Puteri UMNO di mana seorang pegawai BTN di undang untuk bercakap.

Tidak puas hati apabila mendengar rupanya 'heroine' mereka, si wartawan wanita setahun jagung itu begitu biadab melanggar ketatasusilaan pengumpulan berita, mereka lantaran menumpukan perhatian kepada isu 'majlis tertutup.'

Ada yang menghentam kerana majlis tersebut diadakan secara tertutup. Apa hal dengan mereka ini? Kalau orang nak buat secara tertutup bukannya salah. Dan ada pula yang mempersoalkan apa yang diperkatakan dalam majlis tertutup. Mengapa nak dipersoalkan? Kan, itu majlis tertutup, dan keadaan tertutup ketara menjelaskan ia tidak perlu diketahui umum.

Menyentuh tentang acara tertutup, apa pula dengan sesi-sesi keagamaan yang berlangsung samada dalam masjid, gereja dan sebagainya? Ada kalanya berpandukan lunas-lunas keagamaan seseorang yang memimpin tidak dapat lari daripada memesan hadirin supaya tidak tunduk kepada pengaruh agama tertentu, umpamanya. Dan dalam berbuat demikian ada kalanya perlu mengeluarkan ungkapan negatif di sana sini terhadap kumpulan, kaum atau agama tertentu.

Apakah ini juga perlu diketengahkan dan dicanang kepada awam, dan seterusnya dilabel sebagai rasis dan diskriminasi?

Perkara ini lumrah berlaku setiap masa, tetapi disebabkan peradaban kita menghormati hak seseorang dan had kebebasan, maka ia tidak diwar-warkan secara umum.

Bercakap tentang majlis tertutup, kebebasan bersuara, berekspresi dan bercakap secara berlapis, teringat saya ketika mengunjung kawasan membeli-belah Jalan Petaling di Kuala Lumpur, saya pernah diberitahu betapa sipeniaga mengeluarkan kata-kata yang menghina dalam bahasa sendiri. Mereka sangka saya tidak faham apa yang diperkatakan. Memang saya tidak faham bahasa mereka, tetapi isteri saya memahaminya kerana dia berpendidikan Cina! Dia memberitahu saya apa sebenarnya dikatakan oleh peniaga berkenaan. Apa saya buat? Kadangkala saya menegur juga, tetapi selalunya saya berdiam saja kerana keadaan tidak mengizinkan.

Oleh itu disebabkan inilah kita perlu menghormati apa jua majlis, acara atau perhimpunan tertutup demi kebebasan yang begitu kuat dilaungkan aktivis dan penyokong liberalisme.