Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tony Pua, the fake...

"...Tony Pua is a fraud. He had lied in the 2008 GE. Look at his blog profile:

"Before joining politics full-time in January 2007, I was the CEO and founder of a Malaysian IT company, publicly listed in Singapore. I divested all my shares in the company to be able to serve the community and take part in socio-political affairs of Malaysia."

From the profile, Tony Pua was ashamed to publish the name of the listed company by the name of Cyber Village Holding Ltd. He didn't state that he was running a loss making company.

Pua didn't say that which company he had "divested" his share in Cyber Village. Cyber Village was quickly changed name in 2008 to Koyo International to mislead Malaysian and , of course, to avoid detection.

Pua did not state that Cyber village was taken over by Brightsphere Sdn Bhd (co No: 804460). Brightsphere is a RM2 company. Shareholders are the ex-staff of Cyber Village (Sua Shii Huey and Shieh Yee Bing). Top it all, the company secretary is Pua's wife, Yow Ting Fong. Brightshphere registered address is next door to Pua wife's law firm, Chris Lim Ting and Partners, T-109, 3rd Floor, CentrePoint, Bandar Utama.

In 2004 Pua and his Cyber Village were in the shit hole and needed financial help. Who came to his assistance?? Justin Leong Ming Loong, the grandson of the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong of Genting. Justin Leong pumped in S$3 million into Cyber Village to help Pua to breathe. For information to the readers and Inland Revenue, Justin Leong and his business partner (Gau Xiang Jun) used Treasure Valley International Limited (incorporated in Virgin Islands). This is Tony Pua, the self professed millionaire in Singapore before he joined DAP in 2008.

The Daddy Anak Party disciplinary Committee should take actions against Tony Pua for his lies during 3008 GE. By the way, Tony Pua is very close to Khairy Jalaludin, another son-in-law. You will observe that in most talk show or interview where Tony Pua was there, Khairy will also be there. They are closed buddy. Tony Pua, as the Information Chief of DAP, had never criticise Khairy and vice versa. I hope that UMNO leaders will also take note of this close relationship.

Ronnie Liu did sign support letter 4 months before Tee Boon Hock did but only reprimanded. An obvious covering up the corruptions of Ronnie Liu. He was a known figure with the underground in Selangor associated with prostitution, gambling, sport betting especially football betting, Ah Long activities and etc.

Ronnie Liu is surrounded by 3 underground right hand man namely Tan Yeong Meng, Tan Pek Chuan and Tan Peck Kong aka "Tua Pek Kong". These are also the famous 3 Tan, who were guarding the 15 floor exco office of Ronnie Liu. Wee Choo Keong was right when he exposed Ronnie Liu's underground connections in 2009. The DAP selangor memebrs knew all about this. Of course, Lim Kit Siang and his son pretended not to have any knowledge about this because both may be beneficiaries to the loots from the sand mining scandals, letter of support scandals and underground sport betting.

So now you know why Lim Guan Eng and father were so against legalising sport betting a few months ago. To protect their supporters and also the "jalan" for themselves through Ronnie Liu, the No: 2 crony to Karpal.

Genuine DAP members must beware of Kit Siang and son, Karpal Singh an son, Ronnie Liu, Tony Pua and a few others to be exposed at a later date.

-Deep Throat in DAP-

(Extracted from The Unspinners)


GOMO said...

salam ziarah

Anonymous said...

Gomo, let me tell you something. Tony Pua was offered 4th floor job when Pak Lah was the PM and he turned it down. I was made to understand that Tony still holding the shares in the company, the staff are his nominees.. just plain liar.. Yup!! u r rite, they are buddies.